Sunday, March 17, 2019

What's Happening This Week----March 18th Through March 22nd

Everyone did an awesome job on their "End of the Quarter Skills Test".  I am so very proud of all the K-1 students.  The students always read their reading homework assignment  , to me, upon returning to school. Each student is doing a nice job when reading and sounding out the words.  I can see and hear the students using the phonics rules, that they have been learning, to try to figure the words that they have forgotten.  Thank you, parents for listening to your child read to you.  Reading at home makes a great difference for these early learners.

The K-1 students have been practicing their manners all school year---for example, when telling what milk they would like for snack time, the students say---chocolate please and thank you.  The students are doing an awesome job on that manner.  Now, the students are learning that when someone says "Good Morning " to them or :Hi" they need to says "Good Morning" or "Hi" back in return.


Phonics----The Kindergarten students will continue their study of the sound that the letter "Vv" makes----keyword----vest.  The students will learn that the letter "Vv" is a consonant letter.  Then, the students will learn the sound that the letter "Jj" makes----keyword----jar.  The students will learn that the letter "Jj" is a consonant letter.

Reading----The Kindergarten students will be reading words that contain the letter "Vv" and "Jj".  Phonics booklets will be read.  The booklet-----"Pig's Jet"-----will be read.  The students will be bringing home sight words flash cards, that they have made and read at school.  After practicing those flash cards at home, I will have each student re-read the flash cards to me, for extra word practice. The flash card words will be:  said, have, and, you, one, four and ten.

Handwriting----The Kindergarten students will be printing the letters----"Vv" and "Jj".  Phonics sentences will also be printed. 
Writing----The Kindergarten students will be writing a sentence to go along with a picture that they will color.  The students will learn the sentence rules----"A sentence begins with a capital letter, makes sense and ends with an end mark".

Math----The Kindergarten students will begin a unit on "Take Away".

Religion----The Kindergarten students will learn that "We Belong to a Church" and "We Pray as Jesus Did".

First Grade

Phonics----The First Grade students will learn the "Diagraph ai", "Combination ar", "Diagraph ch", "Combination or" and "Combination qu".

Reading----The First Grade students will read the story----"On the Job With Martha Smith".  Then, the students will make flash cards over the "Words to Remember" and read the booklet-----"Billy Brown's Lunch".  Then, the students will read the story -----"Little Bear's Friend".

English----The First Grade students will review the sentence rules.  Then, the students will learn about----"Exclamations" and "Titles for People".

Spelling----The First Grade students will learn spelling words that contain "Long A Words".  This week's spelling words are:  play, rain, say, way, sail, day, mail, stay, may and pain.  The Challenge Words are:  today and afraid.  The Special Writing Words are:  to, soon and hear.

Writing ----The First Grade students will be writing their own story and spelling word sentences.

Math-----The First Grade students will be learning about "Carrying" in addition problems, "Number Families" and "Plane and Solid Figures".

Religion----The First Grade students will learn about the "Eucharist" and "We Celebrate Mass".

Science----The students will begin a unit on "Matter".  The students will learn that there are three kinds of matter----solid, liquid and gas.

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