Sunday, October 14, 2018

What's Happening This Week-----October 15th Through October 19th

Just a Reminder:  "Donuts With Dad" is this Wednesday, October 17th.


Phonics----The Kindergarten students will learn the sound that the letter "Aa" makes----keyword----apple.  The students will learn that the letter "Aa" is a vowel letter.

Reading----The Kindergarten students will be reading phonics words with the letter "Aa" in them.  Some words to be read will be:  pat, tap, pan, at, hat, tan and an.  The students will also learn the words----go and the.  The students will continue to read color words. 

Handwriting----The Kindergarten students will be printing the letter "Aa" and phonics words.

Math----The Kindergarten students will be learning about the numbers 1-10.  The students will also be learning about the terms----"Above. Below, Top, Middle, Bottom, Over, On and Under".

Religion----The Kindergarten students will learn that "God Made Us".

First Grade

Phonics----The First Grade students will learn "Digraph -ng and Suffix -ing", Suffix -ed, Digraph -ee, and the "Rule VC/CV".

Reading-----The First Grade students will be reading the stories----"Space Pup" and "Where Do Frogs Come From?".  The students will be reading the booklet----"Do You See It?".

English----The First Grade students will continue learning about "Nouns".  Then, the students will learn about "One and More Than One" and "Special Nouns".

Spelling----The First Grade students will be learning spelling words that have a "short "u" sound".  This week's spelling words are:  us, sun, but, fun, bus, run and puppy.  The Special Words are:  are, one and there.

Math----The First Grade students will learn about "Tens and Ones" and "Ten Through One Hundred".

Religion----The First Grade students will learn that "Jesus Sends His Holy Spirit".

Social Studies----The students will learn about "Directions".

Science----The students will learn about "Animals---"What They Need to Live", " How Animals Meet Their Needs", "How Animals Eat Food" and "Animals Grow and Change".

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