Monday, January 15, 2018

What's Happening This Week----January 16th Through January 19th


Phonics----The Kindergarten students will continue the study of the sound that the letter "Ff" makes----keyword----fish. The students will learn that the letter "Ff: is a consonant letter.

Reading----The Kindergarten students will read words that contain the letter "Ff".  The students will continue to read color words. 

Handwriting----The Kindergarten students will be printing the letter "Ff" and their first and last name.

Math----The Kindergarten students will be learning how to "Identify, Print and Count" 11 and 12 objects and how to "Equalize Sets".

Religion----In Chapter 16, the Kindergarten students will learn that "God the Father Gives Us Jesus (as a gift }".

Science----The Kindergarten students will learn about our "Night Sky" and "The Earth's Natural Resources".

First Grade

Reading----The First Grade students will be reading the story "Tomas Rivera" and the booklet----"One Night".

Phonics----The First Grade students will be learning the sound of "wh" and "qu".

English----The First Grade students will learn about "Verbs" and "Noun and Verb Agreement" rule.

Spelling----The First Grade students will learn spelling words that contain the "wh" and "th" sounds.
The spelling words this week are:  that, with, which, path, when, this, them, bath, whip, then, think and where.  The Special Words this week are:  where, what and who.

Math----The First Grade will continue their study of "Money".  Then, the First Grade students will learn about "Open and Closed Figures" and "Sides and Corners".

Social Studies----The  students will continue learning about  Martin Luther King, Jr.

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