Sunday, December 31, 2017

What's Happening This Week-----January 3rd Through January 5th

I hope everyone had a blessed Christmas.  I wish everyone a very happy new year.  I would like to thank everyone for making the Kindergarten/ First Grade Classroom Christmas Party so nice for the students.  
I received so many wonderful and thoughtful Christmas gifts.  I really want to thank everyone for thinking of me this Christmas . 


Phonics----The Kindergarten students will continue to learn about the sound that the letter "Ss" makes----keyword----sun. 
Reading----The Kindergarten students will be reading the following "Ss" words:  gas, sap, sit, sag, sip, sat, stop, spot, slot, spin, snip, slit, last, slat, gasp and slim.  The students will also read the booklet----"Stan's Pig's".
Handwriting----The Kindergarten students will be printing the letter "Ss".  The students will also be printing their first and last name and phonics words.
Math----The Kindergarten students will be learning about "Ordinal Number: First Through Tenth" and "Equalizing Sets".
Religion----In Chapter 15, the Kindergarten students will learn that "God Chooses Mary".
Science----The Kindergarten students will learn about the "Night Sky".

First Grade

Reading----The First Grade students will read the story----"Did You See Chip?".  The students will also read the booklet----"Carmen Sells Stars".
English----The First Grade students will be reviewing "What a Sentence Is", "Naming and Action Parts of a Sentence", "Question Sentences" and the "Order of a Story----First, Next and Last".
Spelling----The First Grade students will learn "Words With "th" and "wh". This week's spelling words are:  that, with, which, path, when, this, them, bath, whip and then.  The Challenge Words are:  think and wheel.
Math----The First Grade students will continue their study of "Money".
Social Studies----The students will learn about "People With Great Ideas".

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