Sunday, February 7, 2016

What's Happening This Week-----February 8th Through February 12th

A special thanks to parents and students alike that sent in thank you cards, candy and gifts, to me, for Teacher/Staff Appreciation Day. It is always so nice to be remembered on special days.   I  enjoy teaching all of the students at Our Lady of the Snows School.  Thank you for that privilege and for sending your gift from God {your child} to our school.
It was nice to see such a great turn out for the Italian Feast.

Our Kindergarten Valentine's Day Party will be at 1:30 pm on Friday, February 12th.  The Kindergarten students will be making a Valentine's Day Card Sack, at school, to be used at the Valentine's Day Party, as their mail sack.  The students may also decorate a Valentine's Day Box, at home, a bring it to school as their Valentine's Day Mailbox---if desired.  There are 13 Kindergarten students in our classroom.  I will be sending home a student's name list, for the Valentine's cards.


Phonics----The students will learn the sound that the letter "Zz" makes----keyword----zebra.  The students will learn that the letter "Zz" is a consonant.
Reading----The students will read word lists and the phonics booklet-----"Zip".  Some of the "Zz" words to be read will be : zip, zap. zig, zag, fizz, fuzz, and buzz.  The sight words to be read will be :  from, of, to , I, see and but.
 Handwriting----The students will be printing the letter "Zz" and phonics words.
Math----The students will be comparing objects by "Size, Length and Height".
Religion----In Chapter 20, the students will learn about "Lent".
Science----The students will be learning about "Weather".
Social Studies----The students will be learning about "Abraham Lincoln".
Crafts----Crafts will center around the Valentine's theme.

First Grade

Phonics----The students will learn about the "Final Syllables----"zle, sle, kle, cle"; the letter "y" that make the long "e" sound, at the end of a word, as in the word "cry"; and the sound that the letter "y' makes at the end of the word, a long "I" sound  or "y" can be a suffix.
Reading----The students will be reading the story "At Home Around the World" and the booklet----"Eating Yummy Cake".
English----The students will be reviewing writing sentences the correct way-----a sentence begins with a capital letter and ends with an end mark----a telling sentence ends with a period and a question sentence ends with a question mark.  Then, the students will learn about "Exclamation Marks".
Spelling----In Unit 25, the students will be having a "Long Vowel Review".  The spelling words this week are:  same,  line, stone, smile, note, side, wake, woke, wide and wave.  The Challenge Words are:  beside and  space.  The Special Words are:  love, any and many.  This week's spelling word test will be on Thursday, February 11th.
Writing----The students will be writing "Valentine" stories.

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