Sunday, February 14, 2016

What's Happening This Week----February 15th Through February 19th

The Kindergarten students had a great time at their Kindergarten Valentine's Party.  A great big thanks to all the room mothers for the Valentine's Party and all the parties throughout this school year. 
I would like to thank everyone for all the Valentine cards and the yummy Valentine candy.


Phonics----The Kindergarten students will learn the sound that the letter "Cc" makes----keyword---cat.  The students will learn that the letter "Cc" is a consonant letter.

Reading----The Kindergarten students will be reading the phonics booklet-----"Zip".   Phonics word lists will also be read.  Some "Cc" words that will be read are:  cut, can, cup, cat, cast, scab, cuff, cross, crisp, craft, cost, clap, class, clam, cap and cab.

Handwriting----The students will be printing the letter "Cc".

Math----The Kindergarten students will learn about "Joining" or "Addition".

Religion----In Chapter 22, the students will learn that "We Belong to the Church".

Science----The students will continue their study of "Weather"

Social Studies----The students will learn about "Abraham Lincoln" and "George Washington".

First Grade

Phonics----The students will learn about about the letter "y"----is a vowel at the end of a word and can make the long "i" sound as in "cry". or the long "e" sound as in "candy" or can be a suffix at the end of a word.

Reading----The First Grade students will be reading the story "Tell Me a Story" and the booklet "One More Time".

English----The students will continue learning about "Titles For People".  Then, the students will learn about "Book Titles".

Spelling-----In Unit 26, the students will learn about "Mixed Vowels".  The spelling words this week are: mad, made, hop, hope, pin, pine, bit, bite, hid, hide, plan   and    plane.   The special spelling words are:  girl, boy  and   house.   This week's spelling word test will be on Friday, February 19th.

Writing----The students will be writing their own story.

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