Sunday, August 23, 2015

What's Happening the Week of August 24th Through August 28th


Phonics ----The Kindergarten students will continue their study of the sound that the letter "Ll" makes----keyword---lion.   The students will learn that the letter "Ll" is a consonant letter.  Then, the Kindergarten students will learn the short "Oo" sound---keyword---octopus.

Reading----The students are learning to read color words.  The students learn their color words by saying cheerleading poems.  The students have been saying a cheer for the color word "red".

Handwriting----The Kindergarten students will continue learning how to print the letter "Ll".  Then, the letter "Oo" will be printed. Each studnt will learn how to print their first name on the bottom red line---no floatly letters are allowed----letters that are floating above the line.

Math----The Kindergarten students are learning about "Sorting" objects into groups----according to color, size and shape. The number "1" will be studied and printed.  The students will be reviewing---"alike, same and different". The "circle" shape will be reviewed.  The students learn the shape by saying a shape poem.  Then the "square" shape will be studied and a square shape poem will be learned.

Religion----The students say prayers each morning----"Sign of the Cross", "Angel of God", "Hail Mary", "Glory Be", "Our Father" and the "Morning Prayer".  The students are learning which hand to use to make the "Sign of the Cross" prayer and the correct way to make the hand movements.  In Chapter 1, in the Kindergarten Religion Book---"We Believe"---the students are learning that "God Made All Things".  In Chapter 2, the students will learn that "God Gives Us Light"----the sun and the moon.

Science----The Kindergarten students will learn about----"Our Senses" and "Living and Nonliving Things".

Social Studies-----"Our American Symbols" will be studied.

First Grade

Reading----The First Grade students will continue reading "The Hat" story.  The booklet---"Jan's Cat" will be read.  The students will learn the following new words form "Jan's Cat" story---come, look, here.  Then, the story "Sam and the Bag" will be read.

Phonics----The First Grade students will be learning the "an", "At" and "ap" word families.  The long vowel sound for the letter "Oo" will be studied.

Writing----The First Grade sstudents will write a story about a cat.

Spelling----This week's spelling words are: an, can, ran, bad, had, cat.  These are all short "a" words.  This week's spelling test will be on Friday, August 28th.

English----The First Grade students will be learning about----"The Naming Part of a sentence and Naming Words", "The Action Part of a sentence and action words" and "Telling Sentences".

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