Sunday, September 28, 2014

What's Happening This Week----September 29th Through October 3rd

Phonics----The students will continue learningbead necklace with the three about the letter sound of the letter "Tt".Then, the students will begin learning about the sound that the letter "Pp" makes----keyword---pig.

Reading----The students will continue reading the color words and number words.  The will also be reading the phonics words:  pot, top, pop, log, hog, hot, got, lot, and tot.  The students will be reading phonics word flash cards at school and at home. 

Handwriting----The students will be printing the letter "Tt" and "Pp".  The students will continue printing their first name.  Phonics words will also be printed.

Math----The students will be learning "Color Patterns", "Shape Patterns", "Size and Growing Patterns", and  "Transferring Patterns".  The students will also be learning to "Identify and Write 6 and 7".  The color "black" will be used. The students will be doing a "Hands-On Activity" of:  "Frogs On a Log"---putting frogs on a log and counting the objects.  Another "Hands-On Activity" will be ---putting counting blocks on a ten-frame.

Religion----In Chapter 6, the students will learn that "God Made All People".

Science----The students will learn about "Plants".

Social Studies----The students will learn about "Our World", "The Earth", and "Where You Live".

Hands-On Activities:  The students will be using the scribble boards to draw the shapes, numbers, and the letters that have been studied.  The students will also be using the scribble boards to print phonics words.

Johnny Appleseed Day----Our Kindergarten Classroom had a fun day Friday, September 26th.  The students made a "Johnny Appleseed Pot Hat"; a bead necklace with apple colored beads of red, yellow, and green; tasted three types of apple---red, yellow, and green: graphing on a bar graph the kind of apple that each student liked; using tally marks to graph what apple that each student liked, and using a color pattern worksheet to color apples and read color words. The students also saw a Disney "Johnny Appleseed" cartoon story and read a booklet about "Johnny Appleseed".  The snacks for Johnny Appleseed Day were:  cupcakes made to look like apples, apple sauce, apple juice, and milk.

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