Sunday, March 16, 2014

What's Happening the Week of March 17th Through March 21st


Phonics----The students will continue their study of the sound that the letter "Ee" makes----keyword----elephant.  The students will learn that the letter "Ee" is a vowel.

Reading----The students will be reading word lists and a phonics booklet---"Ben Is Ten".

Handwriting----The students will be printing the letter "Ee" and phonics words.

Math----The students will continue working with "addition".  The students will be doing a "Hands-on Activity" using ten-frames and counters.

Religion----The students will be learning about "St. Patrick".  The students will be doing a project about the Bible story "The Good Samaritan".  In Chapter 26, the students will learn that "We Celebrate That Jesus is Our Friend".

First Grade

Phonics----The students will learn about the sounds of "ou" and "ow".  Then, the sound of "ea" will be studied.

Reading----The students continue reading the story---"Friends Forever".  Then, the story----"The Fox and the Stork" will be read.

English----The students will continue their study of "Adjectives".

Spelling----The students will be taking the spelling word test over Unit 25.  Then, Unit 26 will be started.  Unit 26 spelling words are:  mad, made, hop, hope, pin, pine, bit, bite, hid, hide, and plan, plane.  Unit 26 spelling word test will be on Monday, March 24th.

Writing----The students will be writing their own story using the characters from their reading book story---"The Fox and the Stork".  The students will also be writing English sentences----using "adjectives" to tell about a noun.  Spelling word sentences will also be written.

Math----The students will learn about the terms----"Certain, Possible, Impossible", "More, Less or Equally Likely".  Then, the students will learn about "Regrouping or Carrying in Addition Problems".

Religion----The students will be learning about "St.  Patrick".  The students will also learn the "We Celebrate God's Forgiveness".

Science----Everyone will be learning about "Our Earth"----"Rocks and Soil", "Changing the Land", "Natural Resources", and "Using Natural Resources".

Religion/Crafts----Everyone will be learning about "St. Patrick".  Many St. Patrick's Day crafts will be done----making of a St. Patrick's Day Hat, necklace, bracelet, a paper bag St. Patrick puppet, shamrock people, decorating green cookies, drinking green juice, reading St. Patrick's Day books, watching the movie "The Wizard of Oz",  and singing a St Patrick's Day song.

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