Sunday, May 12, 2013

What's Happening the Last Week of School

The Kindergarten/First Grade Classroom students will be having a a" Fun Game Day" on Tuesday, May 14th.  Some of the fun activites will be:  Happy Hopper Sitting-On Balls Races, Sack Races, Suction Cup Catch Game, Carry an Egg in a Spoon Game, Blowing Bubbles, and Drawing with Sidewalk Chalk.  Since this will be a very active school day---the K-1 Students will be allowed to dress-down on Tuesday, May 14th.  The K-1 students will also be watching a movie and treated to snacks---such as popcorn and popsciles.  The Preschool students will be joining our K-1 Classroom Fun Game Day activities. 

I have enjoyed having each and every one of the students in my K-1 Classroom.  Everyone has worked so very hard and I am proud of each one's progress.  What wonderful readers!!!

I thank each one of the K-1 parents for choosing to send your child to our wonderful school.  It has been wonderful honor to be able to teach your child.  Thank you for that great  honor.

I hope everyone has a safe and relaxing summer vacation. 

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