Sunday, January 13, 2013

What's Happening the Week of January 14th Through January 18th

The "100th Day of School" will be on Friday, January 18th.  The K-1 Classroom will be doing many fun activites on the "100th Day of School". 


Phonics---The Kindergarten students will be learning about the letter "Uu"----keyword----umbrella.  The students will learn that the letter "Uu" is a vowel. 

Reading----The students will be reading many "Uu" words, phonics word lists, and the booklet---"The Big Trip".  Some "Uu" words that will be read are:  sun, tub, pup, but, up, run, tug, tub, rut, rub, must, trust, hug, mug, and bug.

Handwriting----The letter "Uu" will be printed.

Math----The students will be learning about "fourths", the terms "less likely, equally likely, and more likely", and reviewing past things learned, such as, tally marks, bar graphs, picture graphs, and halves.

Religion----In Chapter 18, the students will learn that Jesus taught people about God and Jesus helped people who were sick, poor, or hungry. 

First Grade

Phonics----The students will learn about the sounds of the final syllables:  -fle, -ple, and -dle.  The sounds of  "oa" as in boat and "ow" as in bow, will also be studied.

Reading----The students will continue reading the story "Forever Friends" and doing the worksheets that go along with that story.  Then, the students will read the story, "The Fox and the Stork".

English----The students will continue learning about "adjectives".

Spelling----In Unit 20, the students will be learning "long a words".  The spelling words this week are:  came, make, brave, bake, take, name, late, gave, shape, game, parade, and erase.  The extra words are:  out, about and over.  The spelling word test will be on Friday, January 18th.

Handwriting---- The students will be printing pages in their "Handwriting Workbook".  The students will be printing the letter "M" and information about "Baptism".  The students will also be printing information about the "Sign of the Cross" Prayer.

Writing----The students will be writing their own story about a friend---using the characters from the story "Forever Friends".  The students will also be writing their own spelling word sentences.

Math----The students will continue doing "Rocket Math" worksheets.

Religion----The students will learn in Chapter 18, that "We Are Followers of Jesus".

Science----The students will continue their study of "Plants".

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