Sunday, October 7, 2012

What's Happening the Week of October 8th Through October 12th


Phonics----The students will continue their study of the letter "Pp"---keyword---pig, and "Pp" words.  Then, the next letter of study will be the letter "Aa"---keyword---apple.

Reading----The students will be reading color words and phonics words.  Some words that the students will be reading are:  top, pot, at, pat, tag, hat, lot, got, log, and hog. When, the students finished their worksheets on the letter "Aa", a phonics booklet will be sent home to read.  The parents are to have their child read to them and help the child sound out each word through out the booklet.  The name of the booklet will be "Hot, Hot, Hot".  The booklet will be sent home the later part of next week, around October 17th.  A big thanks ahead of time for listening and helping your child with their homework reading assignment.

Handwriting----The students will be printing their first name, the letters "Pp" and "Aa".

Math----The students will continue learning about the number "9".  The color word "orange" and orange items will be read and colored.  The terms top, middle, bottom, over, under, on, inside, and outside will be studied.

Religion----In Chapter 8, the students will learn that God made all people.  God loves all the people all over the world.  In the "Growing in Love" book, the students will learn that God loves all people equally.
First Grade

Phonics----The students will be studying and reading words that contain the letters "Kk", "Cc", and "Bb".  The "th" sound will also be learned.

Reading----The students will continue reading and doing workbook pages that go along with the story "Dan's Pet".  Then, the students will begin reading the story, "Boots for Beth".  Through the story "Boots for Beth", the students will be introduced to the "th" sound.

English----The students will be reviewing the sentence rules, the naming and the action part of a sentence, telling sentences, periods, asking sentences and question marks.  Then, a unit on nouns will be started.  The students will learn that naming words are nouns.  A noun can be a person, animal, place or thing.

Spelling----We are still on Unit 10, due to all the testing done last week which through us off schedule.  Unit's 10 spelling test is now scheduled for Wednesday, October 10th.  Unit 10's spelling words are:  him, hot, man, men, top, cut, and cabin.  The extra words are:  his, has, and as.  The rest of the week, the students will be reviewing the letter sounds.

Handwriting----The students will be printing the letters "Y" and "x".  The students will also be writing about saints, days of creation, prayer, and guardian angels.

Writing----The students will be writing their own story, using the characters from the "Boots for Beth" story.  The students will also be writing their own spelling word sentences and their own "Halloween story".

Math----The students will continue doing "Rocket Math" worksheets and addition flash cards.  Tally marks, picture graphs, pictographs, bar graphs, and tens and ones will be studied.

Religion----The students will learn in Chapter 8, that Jesus had many followers.  Jesus' followere believed that He was the Son of God.  Jesus taught His followeres how to pray the "Lord's Prayer".  In the students' "Growing in Love" book, the students will learn that God made everyone special.

Social Studies----In the  "Time for Kids" magazine, everyone will learn about "Firefighters".  Everyone will be learning about "Our World", "Earth"---is made up of water and land.  "Christopher Columbus" will also be studied.

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