Sunday, September 23, 2012

What's Happening the Week of September 24th Through September 28th

This Wednesday, September 24th is John Chapman's [ Johnny Appleseed] birthday.  The K-1 students may wear their Johnny Appleseed costume to school on that day.  The students will be making their own "Johnny Appleseed Pot Hat" to wear, with their costume. The students will be "apple tasting"---to decide which flavor of apple they like the best.  The "apple tasting" information will be used to "graph apples", "tally apples" and  "count apples".  Many Johnny Appleseed worksheets will be done.  The students will be making many Johnny Appleseed craft projects.  The students will listen to a Johnny Appleseed story and watch a Johnny Appleseed movie. The Social Studies lesson on Johnny Appleseed will be a day of "Apple Fun".


Phonics----The boys and girls will continue their study of the letter "Hh"---keyword---hat.  Then, the letter "Tt" ---keyword---tent---will be studied.  The students will be doing many "Hh" and "Tt" worksheets.

Reading----The students will continue reading color words.  This week the color "purple" will be learned. The boys and girls will also be reading the phonics words----"log", "hog", "hot" and "pot".

Handwriting----The students will be printing their first name, and the letters "Hh" and "Tt".

Math----The students will continue learning about the number "7"---by putting "7" objects on a ten-frame, counting "7" frogs-on-a-log, and many worksheets.  Then, the students will learn about the number "8". The students will continue printing numbers 1-8.  The "triangle" shape will continued to be studied.  The color "purple" will be studied.  The studying of "patterns" will be continued.

Religion----In Chapter 6, the students will learn about the church year. Different colors are used in church to celebrate the differnt special occassions during the church year.  We can celebrate God's love all throughout the year.
First Grade

Phonics----The boys and girls will be reading words that contain the letters"Hh", "Gg", "Rr", and "Kk".  The "all" and "or" word family will be studied.

Reading----The students will be reading the story, "All That Corn".  The booklet, "One For Me" will be read---containing "The Words to Remember" from the story "All That Corn".  Then, the students will be given the second reader, in the First Grade Reading Booke Series.  The story, "Dan's Pet" will be read.

English----The students will continue learning about "Question Words".  Then, the students will have to decide if a sentence is a telling sentence or an asking sentence.

Spelling----In Unit 9, the students will be introduced to short "Uu" words.  The spelling words this week are:  us, sun, but, fun, bus, run,  and  puppy.  The extra spelling words are:  are, one, and  there.  The spelling word test this week will be on Friday, September 28th.

Writing----The students will be writing their own story using the characters from "All That Corn" story.  The students will also be writing their own story about "Johnny Appleseed".  Spelling word sentences will also be written.

Handwriting----The students will be printing the letters "H" and "t".  The students will also be printing words about the church, creation of the world, and Jesus.

Math----The students will continue with addition "Rocket Math".  Other  addition worksheets will be done.  The students will also learn how to add  "three  numbers". 

Religion----In Chapter 6, the students will be learning about the church year.  The church praises God all year long.  Then, in Chapter 7, the students will learn about "Ordinary Time".. "Saints" will also be studied.

Social Studies----Everyone will be learning about "Our Country", "Sorting Into Groups", "Johnny Appleseed", and  "Our World"----"Earth".

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