Monday, April 9, 2012

What's Happening the Week of April 10th Through April 13th

Everyone had such a fun time searching for "Easter Eggs" during their "Easter Egg Hunt".  The boys and girls wore their "Easter Bunny Hats" at the big egg hunt.  Each student  decorated an ice cream carton, as their "Easter Basket".  Cookies were decorated with pastel colored spring sprinkles and frosting. A special thanks to Aliyah's mother for all the wonderful Easter goodie bags and ice cold juices .  What a wonderful treat!         


Phonics----The students will continue their study of words that contain the "th" sound----keyword---thimble.  Some "th" words to be read will be:  the, that, than, this, then, them, bath, moth, path, with, fifth, broth, thin, theft, thick, and math.  Then, the short "oo" sound, as in the word "hook" and the long "oo" sound as in the word tooth, will be studied.  The students will also be reviewing the short "u" sound as in the word "duck". 

Reading-----The students will be reading the phonics boolets---"Gus the Duck", "My Pal Bo", and "Will She Tell?".  Word lists and reading worksheets will also be read.

Handwriting----The students will continue to print pages in their handwriting workbook.

Math----The students will continue to do subtraction and addition problems.  Addition "Rocket Math" problems will be done.

Religion----The students will learn in Chapter 27, that at Easter time we celebrate Jesus' new life.There is new life all around us.  "Alleluia" is a special word we used to celebrate Jesus' life and love.

First Grade

Phonics----The students will be learning that the letters "ph" make the "f" sound, as in the keyword "phone".
The students will also be learning about the soft "g" sound, as in the keyword "girarffe".

Reading----The students will continue reading the "Fishing Bears" story, pp. 68-91.  Then, the students will read the story, "How to be a Nature Detective", pp. 98-115.

English----The students will be reviewing sentence rules---sentences start with a capital letter and end with an end mark; pronouns, verbs, contractions, adjectives, name titles, holiadays, and the days of the week.

Spelling----In Unit 33, the students will learn words that end with an "ed".  The spelling words this week are:  played, fished, rained, jumped, showed, slowed, wished, needed, stayed,and mailed.  The bonus words are:  worked, packed, after, under, and off.  This week's spelling test will be on Friday, April 13th.

Handwriting----The students will continue printing pages in their handwriting workbook.

Writing----The students will be writing several stories in their "Reading and Writing" Journal.

Science----Everyone will be learning about "matter"----solids, liquids, and gases.  "Time For Kids" magazine will be read and through this magazine, the students will be reviewing the life cycle of a frog.

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