Sunday, March 4, 2012

What's Happening the Week of March 5th Through March 0th

"Cat in the Hat" Day----Everyone celebrated the "Cat in the Hat" Day or Dr. Suess' birthday today, Monday, March 5th.  Everyone made a "Cat in the Hat" hat and bowtie.  Many "Cat in the Hat" worksheets were completed.  The boys and girls enjoyed listening to many of Dr. Suess' stories at "Story Time".  The students watched the "Cat in the Hat" movie.  Dr. Suess birthday was celebrated by decorating and eating some Dr. Suess snacks---cookies and a birthday cake.  A good time was had by all.


Phonics----The students will continue their study of the letter "Xx"----keyword----fox----and "Xx" words.  Some "Xx" words are:  fox, ax, text, tax, flex, fax, flax, ox, fix, box and six.  Then, the students will begin the study of the letter "Ww"----keyword----wagon---and "Ww" words.   Some "Ww" words are:  web, west, twin, wet, wax, wind, win, wig, well, weld, swept, will, twill, and was.

Reading----The students will be reading word lists, word families, and phonics booklets.  "Nursery Rhymes" will also be read.  The students will circle all the words in the "Nursery Rhymes" that they already know.

Handwriting----The boys and girls will be printing the letters "Xx" and "Ww", their first and last name, and word families.  The students will also be printing pages in their "Handwriting Book".

Math----The students will continue their study in Chapter 10----"Time".  This week the students will learn about measuring time of the year into "seasons".  Then, the students will study about doing different activities-and which activity takes more time to do, and which activity takes less time to do.  Then, the studets will begin their study of telling "time" to the hour.

Religion----In Chapter 24, the students will learn that Jesus shared the gift of Himself at a special meal called the "Last Supper". Jesus contiues to share the gift of Himslf at Mass.  The students will also learn that we say prayers at Mass, together as God's family, to thank and praise God for all of the gifts that God has given to us. 

First Grade

Phonics----This week, the students will be learning that  "y" at the end of a word can make a long "i" sound as in the word "sky".

Reading----The students will read the story "Little Bear's Friend", pp. 184-206. The booklet "A Dream to Fly" will also be read.  Through this booklet "A Dream to Fly"--- the students will be review "The Words to Remember" from the story, "Little Bear's Friend.  Then, the story "Busy Buzzy Bee", pp. 216-243, will be read.

English----The students will learn that the names of holidays begin with a capital letter.  Then, commas will be studied.  The students will learn that there are commas in dates and in place names.

Spelling----In Unit 29, the students will be studying words in which the "y" at the end of a word makes the long "i" sound, as in the word "sky".  The spelling words this week are:  my, why, try, sky, shy, dry, fly, by, cry, and fry.  The bonus words are:  type, myself, down, every, and because.  This week's spelling test will be on Friday, March 9th.

Writing----The students will be writing their own stories using the characters from the stories "Little Bear's Friend" and "Busy Buzzy Bee".  The students will also be writing stories in their "Reading and Writing" Journal.

Handwriting----The students will be printing pages in their "Handwriting" workbook.

Social Studies----Everyone will be learning about Dr. Suess.  Also, "Time For Kids" magazine will be read and studied.

Science----Everyone will be learning  about "How People Need Plants and Animals"----for food, clothing, and shelter----just to name a few.  Then, the students will start a unit on ----a place to live.  The students will learn about "Forest", "Desert", and "Rainforest".  Also, "Time For Kids" magazine will be read and studied. 

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