Monday, February 20, 2012

What's Happening the Week of February 21st Through February 24th

A special thank you to all of the room mothers who helped make our Valentine's Party such a nice and fun time for all.  Thank you for all the many Valentine goodies that were sent to school.

A special thank you for all of my Valentine's Day gifts.  They were "yummy"!


Phonics----The students will continue their study of "Vv" words.  Some "vv" words are:  vent, vest, vet, have, and van.  Then, the students will begin their study of the Letter"Jj"---keyword---jar.  Some "Jj" words that the students will be learning are:  jump, jot, job, jog, jug, jam, jet, jazz, just, and jest. 

Reading----The students will be reading word lists, word families, and worksheets.

Handwriting----The students will be printing their first and their last name, the letter "Vv" and the letter "Jj".  Several handwriting book pages will also be printed.

Math----The students will begin a new unit of study----"Fractions".  The students will be learning about equal parts, equal symmetry, halves, and fourths.  Addition worksheets will also be done.

Religion----In Chapter 20, the students will be learning about "Lent".  Lent is the time when we work especially hard at listening to the words of Jesus and trying to live as Jesus showed us.  Lent is also a special time when the church prays and cares for others.

First Grade

Phonics----The students will continue their study of the soft "C" sound as in the word space.  Then , the "ou" sound as in the word "out", and the "ow" sound as in the word "cow", will  be studied.

Reading----The students will read the story "My Robot", pp. 124-143.  Then, the students will read the story "On the Job With Dr. Martha Smith", pp. 154-177.  Treasure words will also be studied.

English----The students will learn about an exclamation sentence.  An exclamation sentence is a sentence that shows strong feeling, begins with a capital letter, and ends with an exclamation point.  Then, the students will learn that some people name's begin with a title.  A title begins with a capital letter and usually ends with a period.  The students will be coloring a butterfly coloring sheet.  Then, each students is to write their own description of their butterfly---using adjectives.

Spelling----Unit 26 spelling test was given, today, Tuesday, February 21st.  Then, Unit 27 , long "a" words, will be studied.  Unit 27 spelling words are:  play, rain, say, way, sail, day, mail, stay, may, and pain.  The bonus words this week are:  today, afraid, too, soon, and hear.  Unit 27 spelling word test will be on Friday, February 24th.

Writing----The students will be writing their own story using the characters from the "My Robot" story and "On the Job With Dr. Martha Smith".  The students will also be writing spelling word sentences. 

Handwriting----The students will be printing workbook pages in their handwriting workbook.

Social Studies----Everyone will be learning about George Washington.  The students will be learning that George Washington was our country's first president; on the quarter and the one dollar bill; instructed Betsy Ross to make the first flag; lived at Mount Veron, and was commander-in-chief during the Revoluntionary War.  The students will be doing many worksheets about George Washington and making a "George Washington Hat".

Science----Everyone will be learning about "How a Frog Grows", "How Animals Need Food", and "How Animals Help Plants".

Lent-----As we begin the church season of Lent, the students will be helping make a poster for our K-1 Classroom.  The poster is entitled  "Camping Wth Jesus".  This poster has a picture of Jesus praying by a tent.  Each student will color their own tent and an image of themself, to put on the poster---so they too can be "Camping With Jesus".  This poster is to help remind us that we should , during this time of Lent, go back to the simple ways of life and less of today's distractions, and pray to God----just as Jesus did.
The students will be going over to church each Friday afternoon at 2:15 pm, during Lent,  for "Stations of the Cross".

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