Sunday, January 8, 2012

What's Happening the Week of January 9th Through January 13th

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Phonics----The students will continue their study of "Zz" words.  Some "Zz" words will be:  fizz, fuzz, zip, zig, zap, and buzz.  Then, the students will begin the study of "Cc" words.  Some "Cc" words will be:  cut, can, cup, cat, cast, scab, cuff, cross, crisp, craft, cost, clap, class, clam, and cab.

To go along with the letter "Cc" words study, the K-1 Classroom will be having "Cowboy Day"in our K-1 Classroom.  "Cowboy Day" will be on Tuesday, January 17th.  On "Cowboy Day" the K-1 students--only--may wear jeans, overalls, cowboy shirts, boots, cowboy hats and scarfs, etc. as part of the "Cc" Cowboy Theme.  The students will be doing many fun "Cowboy" activites on "Cowboy Day----Tuesday, January 17th.    One activity will be making a cowboy hat.  I will supply the cowboy scarfs for the students to wear.

Reading----The students will be reading word lists and the phonics booklet "Zip".

Handwriting----The students will be printing their first and their last name, and the letters "Zz" and "Cc".

Math----The students will continue the study of addition problems.  The students will learn to do a vertical additon problem.  The students will also learn how to do addition problems, by jumping on a number line.  A number line will be put on each student's table.  Each student has to slide {jump} a plastic frog along the number line, to figure out the addition problem. Addition worksheets will be sent home, to be done as homework.  The "Mickey Mouse" mat and foam shapes, will also be sent home, to be used to help each child figure out the additon problems.

Religion----In Chapter 18, the students will learn that Jesus teaches and helps us.  Jesus went everywhere teaching people about God. 

First Grade

Phonics----The students will be learning about the sounds of "ow" as in row, "oa" as in boat, long "e" sound as in me, feet, and mean.

Reading----The students will continue the worksheets that go along with the story "The Fox and the Stork", pp. 144-162.  Then, the students will be given the fourth reader in the First Grade Reading Series----Time Together.  The first story will be "A Bed Full of Cats", pp. 8-26. Through this story , "A Bed Full of Cats", the students will be introduced to the long "e" sound in words. Treasure words will also be read.

English----The students will be reviewing nouns, pronouns, and verbs.  Then, the students will start a unit on Adjectives.  The students will learn that an adjective is a word that tell about the noun in a sentence.

Spelling----In Unit 20, the students will be taking a spelling test over the long "a" words.  Then, in Unit 21, the students will study words that have the long "i" sound.  The spelling words in Unit 21 are:  time, like, kite, bike, white, five, drive, nine, hike, ride, write, invite, could, would and two. The spelling test over Unit 21 will be on Friday, January 13th.

Handwriting----The students will be printing the letter "x", "v", and "W".

Writing----The students will be writing spelling word sentences and their own stories using the characters from the stories, "The Fox and the Stork" and :A Bed Full of Cats".

Science----Everyone will review "five senses" and "living and nonliving things".  Then, the students will learn about the parts of a plant.

Social Studies----The students will be learning about Martin Luther King, Jr.

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