Sunday, October 2, 2011

What's Happening the Week of October 3rd Through October 7th


Phonics---The students will continue learning words that have the letter "Pp" in them.  The the students will start yhr study of the letter "Aa"---keyword--apple.  The students will learn that the letter "Aa" is a vowel.  Some letter "Aa" words that the students will be learning are:  at, hat, tap, and gap.

Reading----The students will be reading phonics words made-up with the letters that the students have studied.  The students will alos be reading color words.

Handwriting----The students will be printing the letters "Pp" and "Aa", and their first name.

Math----The students will be learning about the terms---over, on, under, inside, outside, in front, and behind.  The students will also be learning how to print the number "8" by learning the "8" poem---make an "s", and do not wait, climb back up to make an "8".

ReligionIn Chapter 8, the students will learn that God made all people. God loves all the people, and He has given all the people many gifts.

First Grade

The First Grade will be testing each morning , this week in the First Grade Classroom.

Phonics---The students will be studying words that contain the letters "Dd", "Ff" and "Hh".  The "ug" word family will also be studied.

Reading---The students will continue their study of the story "Todd's Box".  The booklet, "Fix-It Fox", will be read, that contain the Words To Remember, from the story of "Todd's Box".  Then the story ,"Boots for Beth" will be read.  Through the story, "Boots for Beth" the students will be introduced to the "th" sound.

Spelling----The students will continue their study og Unit 10--short vowel words.  The spelling words are:him, hot, man, men, top, cut, cabin, has, his, and as.  The spelling test for these spelling words will be on Wednesday, October 5th.  This change in schedule of the spelling test from last week, to this week's Wednesday, gives the students a few more days to learn the spelling words, as the testing shorten their time to learn the spelling words, last week.

English----Special nouns will be studied---nouns that name people, animals and places, and begin with a capital letter.  The students will learn that when you talk about yourself and another person, you name the other person first.  The students will also learn about prnouns.  A pronoun takes the place of a noun.  Some pronouns are:  he, she, it, and they.

Handwriting----The students will be printing the letters "e", "F", "f", "G", and "j".  Spelling word sentences and a story about the characters from "Todd's Box", and a story about Johnny Appleseed will also be written.

Social Studies-----Everyone will continue the study of Johnny Appleseed, by reading a booklrt about Johnny Appleseed.  A booklet about the stages of an apple tree will also be read.  The students will learn about families and change----people use to wash clothes with the use of a srub board and a wash tub and now people use the washing machine to wash their clothes.  Time For Kids magazine will be studied. 

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