Sunday, October 9, 2011

What's Happening the Week of October 10th Through October 14th

Just a Reminder----The Scholastic book order is due back---tomorrow, Tuesday, October 11th.

Last week, was a very hectic and stressful week for our K-1 Classroom.  The First Graders were testing all week, while the Kindergarteners were still in the classroom, doing their regular Kindergarten class work. 

If you have any quetions or concerns about any classroom matters, please free to call me at school between 10:25-10:55 M, W, Fri,, 10:00-10:30 Tues., and 1:30-2:00 on Thursday.  Classroom matters go through the chain of command----teacher 1st, then the principal.  Thanks!


Phonics----The students will continue their study of the letter "Aa"--keyword--apple.  The students will learn that the letter "Aa" is a vowel.. The students will be reading many phonics words that contain the letter "Aa".  Then, the next letter of study will be the letter "Nn"--keyword-nest.  The students will then be reading many words with the letter "Nn".

Reading----The students will  be reading phonics words that contain all the letters that have studied ,since the beginning of the school year---Ll, Oo, Gg, Hh, Tt, Pp, and Aa.  The students will also be reading color words.

Handwriting----The students will be printing the letters "Aa" and "Nn", and their first name.

Math----The students will be learning about the terms---inside, outside, in front, behind, left and right.  The number "9" will be studied.  Number "9" poem----a loop and a line make a nine.  The color black and the color word black will be studied this week.

Religion-----Chapter 8 will continued to be studied, in which the students learned that God loves all  people.  Then,  Chapter 9, the students will learn that God made us. God  made us all special and there is no one exactly like you.

First Grade

Phonics----The students will be reading words with the letters "Dd","Ff", "Hh", and "Gg".  The students will also be learning words with the "ug" family, and the "th" sound. 

Reading----"Dan's Pet' story and worksheets will be continued for one more day. Then, the story , "Boots For Beth" will be started.  Through the story "Boots For Beth", the  students will be introduced to the sound of "th".

English----The students will be reviewing ---question words, one and more than one, special nouns, and naming yourself last.

Spelling----In Unit 11, the students will learn words that contain the "nt" and "mp" sound.  This week's spelling words are:ant, jump, tent, lamp, bump, want, pants, went, or and were.  The spelling test will be on Friday, October 14t

Writing----The students will be writing sentences that contain this week's spelling words.  Several stories will also be written---one story about apples, and another story about the characters from "Boot For Beth" story.

Handwriting----The students will be printing the letters "f", "G", "i", and "J".  All of these letters will be printed on pages from their printing workbook.

Social Studies-----Everyone will be reviewing Johnny Appleseed.  Then, Christopher Columbus will be studied.  The magazine "Time  For Kids" will also be read.  In "Time For Kids" , the students will be learning about sharing and and the season of Fall.

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