Sunday, April 3, 2011

What's Happening the Week of April 4th Through April 8th


Phonics--The students will continue their study of letter "Vv" words.  Then, the students will begin their study of the letter "Jj".  Some letter "Jj" words will be :  jar, jest, just, jazz, jet, jam, jug, job, and jot. 

Reading--The students will be reading the following sight words:  have, said, you, into, one, do, and four.
The students will also be reading a word list and a reader called--"Pig's Jet".

Math-- Then students will be learning the strategy as to when you use addition or subtraction to solve a problem.  The students will learn that you use addition when you want to find out how many  in all, and that in addition problems the answer or sum is the greatest number.  In subtraction, rhe students will learn that they should use subtraction to find out how many is left.  In a subtraction problem, the first number is the greatest number.

ReligionThe students will begin Chapter 26, "We Celebrate That Jesus Is Our Friend".  Jesus spent time with His friends, and Jesus shares His friendship with us.  Jesus is always with us.  We can thank Jesus for being a friend when we pray, help others, share, are fair to others, and are kind to others.

First Grade

Phonics--The students reviewing the "ar" sound as in "car", the "ight" sound as in "knight", and the o-e rule with words such as bone, cone, code, rode, rose, those, mole, hole, home, nose, stove, woke, pole, and robe.
Reading---The students will contine their work with the story, "Little Bear's Friend".  Then, the students will read the story, "Busy Buzzy Bee", pp. 216-243.  Then, the students will read the booklet, "Squirrels At Home".  Later, this week, the students will receive the 5th reader in the First Grade reading series.  The story in the new reader will be, "The Story of the Blue Bird".
Spelling---The students will be in Unit 31.  Unit 31 contains words that add an "s" to the end of a word.  The spelling words this week are:  jet, jets, frog, frogs, tail, tails, week, weeks, gate, gates, wagon, wagons, mother, father,  and more.  This week's spelling test will be on Friday, April 8th.
EnglishThe students will be learning how to write titles for people, book titles, days of the week, months of the year, and holidays.
Writing Stories---The students will be writing their own stories with the characters from the reading stories.
Math---The students will be reviewing counting by 2's.  Then , the students will learn about venn diagrams, the calendar, and regrouping tens as ones in order to borrow in subtraction.
Religion---The student will continue their study of the saints in Chapter 25.  We honor all of the saints on All Saints Day, on Nov. 1st.  Then, the students will study Chapter 26.  In Chapter 26, the students will learn that we should care for all of the gifts that God gave to us in  His creation. 

ScienceEveryone will learn in Science that there are three kinds of matter---solids, liquids, and gases.  Everything around us is made up of matter.

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