Sunday, April 10, 2011

What's Happening the Week of April 11th Through April 15th


Phonics---The students will  start their study of letter "Xx" words.  The keyword for letter "Xx" is the word fox---the letter "Xx" sound that is on the end of the word fox. 
Reading---The students will be reading "Xx" words, such as fox,and box.  Sight words will also be studied. Some of the sight words are:  have, do, to, said, you, into, one, and four.  Reading worksheets will also be done.
Math---The students will be learning about the calendar, the seasons, bar graphs, and comparing sizes--large and small.
Religion---The students will be learning about the "Three Days" that are so important in the life of Jesus and in our life.  The "Three Days are Holy Thursday--the Lord's Supper", Good Friday, and Holy Saturday.  The students will learn why these three days are so imporant to us all. The students will also learn in  Chapter 27 about Easter, the day that Jesus rose from the dead to a new life .  The students will learn why each one of these days are so important to each one of us.

First Grade

Phonics---The students will study the "ight" sound as in the word knight.  Then the students will review the "ai" and "ay" sounds as in the words "sail" and "hay"
ReadingThe students have received the fifth reader in the First Grade reading series.  The first story that the students will be reading is, "The Story of the Blue Bird", pp.8-30.  In this story the students will be introduced to the "ight" sound.  Many reading workbook pages will be done with the "ight" sound. 
English---The students will be learning that the names of months begin with a capital letter.  Also, the names of holidays begin with a capital letter.  Then, commas will be studied.
Writing---The students will be writing their own stories using the reading book characters as the characters in the students own story.  The students will also be writing in their own writing journal.  Spelling word sentences will also be written.
Spelling---In Unit 32 the students will be study "long O" words  The spelling words this week are:  slow, boat, grow, coat, show, low, blow, goat, snow, road, yellow, shadow: and the special words are:  far, year and does. This week's spelling test will be on Friday, April 15th.
Math---The students will learn about the calendar.  Then the students will begin a unit on regrouping tens and ones---borrowing.
Religion---The students will be learning about the "Three Days" in the life of Jesus and why these three days are so important to us all.  The "Three Days" are Holy THursday--the LOrd's Supper' Good Friday, and Holy Saturday.   Then, the students will learn in Chapter 27, about Easter.

Science----The bottle books about "Things That Float", were a big hit with the students.  This week everyone will learn about light and shadows.  Then, a unit about how things move will be started.  The students will learn about pushes and pulls.  The Time For Kids magazine will also be read.

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