Sunday, March 27, 2011

What's Happening the Week of March 28th Through April 1st


Phonics---The students will continue their study of "Dd" words.  Then, the students will start their study of letter "Vv" words.  The keyword for the letter "Vv" is vest.  Some "Vv" words will be:  vet, van, vent, and vest.
Reading---The students will be reading word lists and phonics booklets.
Handwriting---The students will be printing the letters "Dd" and "Vv".
Religion---In Chapter 25, the students will learn that we should care about others as Jesus did.  Jesus fed the hungry, helped people who were sick or poor, and made people who were sad or lonely feel better.  We all should do as Jesus did.

First Grade

Phonics---The students will be studying words that contain the "o-consonant-e' rule. 
ReadingThe students will finish the workbook pages that go along with the story, "On the Job With Dr. Martha Smith", pp.154-177.  Then the story, "Little Bear's Friend", pp. 184-206, will be read.
English---The students will study the correct way to write sentences.  Sentences start with a capital letter, and end with an end mark.  A telling sentence ends wirh a period, and as asking sentence ends with a question mark. Next, the students will study about exclamation marks.  A sentence is an exclamation sentence if the sentence shows strong feeling, and then ends with an exclamation mark.  The students will also study titles for people, book titles, and day of the week.
Spelling---The spelling test over Unit 29 was today.  Next, Unit 30 will be started.  Unit 30 is a review unit.
Unit 30 spelling words are:  hope, bit, my, read, wake, note, dry, stay, sail, shy, need, and smile. Unit 30 spelling test will be on Friday, April 1st.
Math ---The students will be writing a number that contains the tens and ones place in the expanded form.  For example, 45= 4 tens +5 ones
                             40 + 5=45.
Then, the students will count one less, and one more on the number line.  Then, the terms before, between, and after will be discussed. 
Writing---The students will be writing their own stories with the characters from the reading book stories.
ReligionThe students will continue their study of Chapter 24, in which they learned that when we pray, we show God that we love Him, and we share God's love with others when we help others.  Then, in Chapter 25, the students will learn that we honor Mary and the saints.  We honor Mary because she is the mother of Jesus, and we honor the saints because they tried to live as Jesus did.

Science---Everyone will study about the seasons.  Then a unit on "Matter" will be started.

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