Sunday, April 24, 2011

What's Happening the Week of April 25th Through April 29th


Phonics---The boys and girls will be learning the letter "Qq" and "Qq" words.  The keyword for the letter "Qq" is quilt.  Some "Qq" words are:  quilt, quill, quiz, quint, quit, quest, and squid.  Then , the students will learn about the long vowel sounds.
Reading---The students will be tested over the Phonics booklet, "Spin to Win".  Word lists will also be read.  Some of the sight words that will be read are:  was, said, into, have, what, and do.
Math---The students will be studying weight--heavier and lighter.  The students will also be learning about capacity--which container holds more, and which container holds less. Addition and subtraction worksheets will also be done.
Religion---The students will learn that we should do what Jesus would do; talk about making loving and unloving choices, and if an unloving choice was made, then saying "I'm Sorry" and then the other person says "I Forgive You".

First Grade

Phonics---The students will continue their study of "wild colt" words.  A "wild colt" word is a small word that has an "'i" or an "o" followed by two consonants, then the vowels make the long vowel sound and say their name.  Some "wild colt "words are:  wild, colt, child, find, mind, behind, blind, gold, cold, told, fold, most, roll , and both.  Then, the students will study the "tch", "ph", "ei", and "ew" sounds.
Reading---The students will continue reading the story, "Fishing Bears", pp. 68-91.  The students will be doing many workbook pages containg the "wild colt" words. Then, the students will read the story, "How to be a Nature Detective", pp.98-116.
Spelling---The students will take a spelling test over Unit 33, today, Monday, April 25th.  Then, Unit 34 will be started.  In Unit 34, the students will be introduced to words that end with "ing".  This week's spelling words are: going, saying, blowing, eating, flying, seeing, keeping, sleeping, being, growing, talking, shouting, around, always, and before.  This week's spelling test will be on Friday, April 29th.
Writing---The students will be writing in their writing journals; writing stories with the characters from the reading stories; and writing spelling word sentences.
English---The students will be reviewing commas--in dates; sentences rules--sentences start with a capital letter and end with an end mark;pronouns;,adjectives; and adding "er" or "est" to the end of a word.
Math---The students will continue reviewing money; doing addition and subtraction problems; and doing "Rocket Math".
Religion---The students will learn about making choices to share God's love with others by being kind and sharing.  Then, the students will learn that we should make good choices, just as Jesus would do.

Science---Everyone will be learning about "Magnets".  The students will learn that a magnet has two poles, and that the same poles repel each other, and the opposite poles attract each other.  The students will be using magnets to observe how the poles of a magnet repel or attract each other.

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