Sunday, April 17, 2011

What's Happening the Week of April 18th Through April 21st

Easter Projects
Everyone will be coloring an Easter bag, to collect their Easter eggs.  The Easter eggs will be collected on Thusday, during the Easter egg hunt.  The students will make bunny ears to wear while they collect their Easter eggs.  Please send in those candy filled eggs , if you have not already done so.  All your help is greatly appreciated.
Reading Counts---Remember, the deadline to turn in Reading Counts points is Wednesday, April 27th.


Phonics---The students will be learning about the letter "Ww".  The keyword for the letter "Ww" is wagon.  The students will learn that the letter "Ww" is a consonant.  Some "Ww" words will be:  web, wet, win, wig, well, weld, swept, wind, west, will, twill, wept, went, twin, and wax.
The students will be dong many "Ww' worksheets.
Reading---The students will be reading a word list that contain "Xx" words.  The phonics booklet "Spin a Web" will also be read.
Math---The students be comparing objects according to lenght, height, and weight.  Addition and subtraction problems will also be done.
Religion---The students will continue learning about "Holy Week".  Then, Chapter 28 will be started.  In Chapter 28, the students will learn that families have a special way to share God's love;  learn that we should do what Jesus wants us to do, that is, to help people, and to be kind and caring.

First Grade

Phonics---The students will continue the study of the "ight" word family.  Then, the students will study "ghost letters", such as "wr", "kn", and "gn", where the first letter in each pair is silent or a ghost.  Then , the students will learn about "wild colt" words---these are small words that contain the letter "i" or "o", followed by two consonants---the "i" and "o" then make a long vowel sound, such as in the word wild and in the word colt.
Reading---The students will be reading the story, "Frog and Toad All Year",pp.38-56.  Through this story the students will be reviewing the "ai" and "ay" sounds.  The booklet, "Frog and Mouse" will also be read.  This booklet contains the "Words to Remember" from the story, "Frog and Toad All Year".  Then, the story, "Fishing Bears", pp. 68-91, will be read.  Through the "Fishing Bear" story the students will be introduced to many "wild colt" words. Then, the students will read the booklet, "Find Something to Do".
Writing---The students will be writing stories in their writing journal. 
English---The students will be learning that some words sound the same, but have a different meaning.  Then, the students will review sentence rules, periods and question marks, commas in dates, and in city and states.
Spelling---The students will be in Unit 33, adding "ed".  The spelling words this week are:  played, fished, rained, jumped, showed, slowed, wished, needed, stayed, mailed, worked, parked, after, under, and  off. This week's spelling test will be on Thursday, April 21st.
Math---The students will continue doing "Rocket Math".  Many addition and subtraction worksheets will be done.  The students will also be reviewing "money", counting mixed coins.
Religion---The students will continue learning about "Holy Week".  Then, Chapter 28 will be started.  In Chapter 28, the students will learn that Jesus grew up in a real family.  We can be like Jesus when we obey our parents.  We will learn that when we were babies our families helped us grow.  Baptism makes us members of the Christian family. The students will also learn about making a loving or a right choice. We can choose to act the way that Jesus did.

Science---Everyone, will study about pushes and pulls.  The students will learn that different surfaces make objects move in different ways.  Wheels on objects make the objects easier to move.  Then, the students will start a chapter on "magnets".  Time For Kids will also be read.

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