Sunday, May 1, 2011

What's Happening The Week of May 2nd Through May 6th


Phonics---The students will continue the study of long vowel sounds.  Then the sound of "sh" will be learned.

Reading---The students will be reading and doing many reading worksheets.

Math---The students will be doing many addition and subtraction worksheets. 

Religion---The students will  be saying their prayers by reading a prayer booklet.  The students will also be learning that God made us to live in a family and to love each other.

First Grade

Phonics---The students will be learning about the sounds of "ei", "ew", the soft "g" sound, "wh", the suffix "ful", and the prefixes "pre" and "dis".
Reading---The students will continue their reading workbook pages for the story, "How to be a Nature Detective".  Then, the students will read the story, "The Puddle".  In "The Puddle" story, the students will be introduced to the soft "g" sound.  The booklet, "Old Rover" will be read.
English---The students will be reviewing sentence rules, the use of commas, and capital letters in the names of special words.
Spelling---The students will be in Unit 35--Compound Words.  This week's spelling words are:bedtime, sunset, bathtub, sailboat, flagpole, railroad, backpack, playpen, raincoat, inside, airplane, doorbell, walk, again, and pretty.  This week's spelling test will be on Friday, May 6th.
Writing---The studentd will be writing stories and spelling word sentences.
Math---The students will be doing addition and subtraction worksheets.  "Rocket Math" will also be done.  The students will continue their study of 10-more or 10-less.
Religion---The students will be reading a booklet called "My Mass Book", in which the students will learn about what happens at mass. Then, the students will read a booklet called "My Prayer Book".  The "Seven Sacraments" and "The Ten Commandments" will be discussed.

Science---Baby chicks will soon be born in our classroom. The eggs will be arriving today, Monday,  May 2nd.  With the arrival of eggs and chicks about to hatch, everyone will be studying about "chicks".

Science/Religion---This week the students will be having a "VIRTUS" lesson.  In the "VIRTUS" lesson , the students will be learning about stranger danger and to guard against those who would harm them.  Everyone will learn the rules what to do if a stranger tries to harm them.  The students will learn about safe adults in their life.

Projects: Everyone will be working on their "Mother's Day" project.

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