Saturday, March 19, 2011

What's Happening the Week of March 21st Through March 25th


Phonics--The students will study words that contain the letter "Dd".  The keyword for the letter "Dd" is dog.  Some "Dd" words will be:  dog, doll, disk, sad, drum, desk, had, slid, hid, mud, red, rid, stand, and, sand.  The students will be doing many worksheets with letter "Dd" pictures and words.  Then the next letter of study will be the letter "Vv", and "Vv" words, such as vet, van, vent, and vest will be read.
ReadingThe students will be reading word lists and reading the phonics booklet, "I Did It".
HandwritingThe students will be writing words containing the letters "Dd" and "Vv".  Handwriting workbook pages will also be done along with worksheets with the letter "Dd" and "Vv".
Math--The boys and girls will continue working with numbers that contain the ones and the tens place.  Then a unit on "take away" or subtraction will be started.  The students will continue to do addition worksheets.
ReligionThe students will finish Chapter 23, "We Pray As Jesus Did".  The students will learn that Jesus taught us how to pray--"The Lord's Prayer".  Then Chapter 24 will be started.  In Chapter 24, the students will learn that Jesus shares Himself with us at mass.  The bread and wine become the Body and Blood of Jesus. At the Eucharist, we share a special meal with Jesus, just as Jesus did at the "Last Supper", when He shared a special meal with His friends.

First Grade

Phonics--The students will be studying the "ice" , "eat",  "ou" and "ow" word families.
Reading--The students will continue to read the story, "My Robot", pp. 124-142.  Then the students will read the story, "On the Job With Dr. Martha Smith", pp. 154-177.  Through this story , "On the Job With Dr. Marths Smith", the students will review the "ou" and "ow" sounds,as in the words found and down.
Handwriting--The students donig some printing pages in their handwriting workbook.
The student will also be writing their own stories---one story will be about a robot, and another story will be about a truck.
The students should use the correct sentence rules when writing their stories.
English--The students will continue to study adjectives.  Then the students will review nouns, pronouns, contractions, and adjectives.
Math--The students will be subtracting numbers that contain the ones and the tens place.  Then the students will learn how to estimate and then talk about the place-value of numbers. Conitnued work in Rocket Math" will be done.
Spelling--Unit 28 Spelling test will be on Monday, March 21st.  Then Unit 29 will be started.  Unit 29--long "i" spelled with "y"--words are :  my, why, try, sky, shy, dry, fly, by, cry, fry, type, myself, down, every, and because.  Unit 29 spelling test will be on Friday, March 25th.
Religion--The students will continue to learn about what happens during the mass.  Then Chapter 24 will be started.  In Chapter 24, the students will learn that "We Share God's Love".  We share God's love when we are kind to others, share with others, helpful to others, serve others, take care of our belongings, and obey our parents.

Science--Everyone will continue their study of the "The Planet Earth". The students will be learning that oceans make-up three-fourths of our earth and that most oceans contain salt water.  Then the students will be learning about weather, temperature, wind, clouds and rain.

Social Studies--The "Time For Kids" magazine will be read.  The students will learn that women can do different jobs, too.

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