Saturday, March 12, 2011

What's Happening the Week of March 14th Through March 18th


Phonics--The students will continue studying "Yy" words.  The students have learned that "Yy" is a consonant.  The students have and will continue to do worksheets pertaining to the letter "Yy".  The keyword for the letter "Yy" is yarn.  The next letter of study will be the letter "Dd".  Some "Dd" words will be:  dog, doll, disk, sad, desk, drum, had, slid, hid, mud, red, rid, stand, and sand. 
ReadingThe students will be reading a word list containg "Yy" words.
HandwritingThe students will be writing the letter "Yy" and "Dd".
Math--The students will be learning about the tens and the ones place value. The students will be doing a hands-on assignment using a ten block tower and single blocks .  The blocks will be placed on a place-value mat.  This hands-on excerices will help the students discover how the numbers are made--such as, the number eleven needs one ten block tower in the tens row, and one single block in the ones row on a place-value mat.  Next, a subtraction unit will be started.
ReligionIn Chapter 23, the students will learn that Jesus taught us to pray.  Jesus taught us how to pray the "Lord's Prayer".  We can pray to Jesus and God anytime and anywhere we want to, and Jesus and God will always be listening.

First Grade

PhonicsThe students will be learning that the letter "C" has a hard and a soft sound.  The hard "Cc" sound as in the word cat, and the soft "Cc" sound as in the word Cecil. The soft "Cc", and the "c" rule is that if a "e", "i", or "y" comes after the letter "C" makes a soft "Cc" {"s"} sound.  The students will also be studying the "ace" and "ice" word families.
ReadingThe students will be reading the story "My Robot", pp.  124-142.  Through this story the students will be introduced to many "ace" and "ice" words.
SpellingThe students this week will be studying long "e" words.  The spelling words this week are:  feel, eat, need, read, deep, sleep, neat, keep, feed, mean, peanut, please, please, been, goes, and  never.  The spelling test this week will be on Thursday, March 17th, as there is no school on Friday.
English--The students will continue learning about adjectives--adjectives with "er" or "est" added.  Then the students will study opposites.  Sentence parts--the naming part and the action part of a sentence will also be reviewed.
WritingThe students will be writing their own stories, using the correct sentences rules.
MathThe students will continue learning about "carrying" when doing addition problems.  Then subtraction of two-digit numbers will be done.  The students will continue doing "Rocket Math" problems.
Religion--In Chapter 23, the students will be learning about the celebration of Mass.  Mass is the church's greastest celebration.  We listen to God's word from the "Bible".  The "Bible" is the book of God's word.  We listen carefully so we can grow in God's love.

Religion--Everyone will be learning about St. Patrick--he was the patron saint of Ireland who lived in the 5th century.  The students will continue listening to  Bible stories and stories about Jesus.

Social Studies--The students will be learning about St. Patrick's Day--in which we honor St Patrick.  On this day people wear green clothes as well as shamrocks , which are a three leaf clover, in remembrance of the "Emerald Island" or Ireland. The students will be listening to St. Patrick's Day stories, making a shamrock hat, and dong St Patrick's Day stickers and worksheets.

ScienceEveryone will be studying the "Earth".  The students will be learning that earth has "air" all around us.  We can not see, taste, or smell air.  We can see what air does, like blow leaves on the trees. Everyone last week got to see some samples of soil--sandy soil which was made up of tiny rocks and felt rough to the touch, and topsoil that had tiny rocks, and dead bits of plants and even a dead bit of an animal{earth worm} in it.

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