Sunday, February 27, 2011

What's Happening the Week of February 28th Through March 4th

Cat in the Hat Day---A Celebration of Dr. Seuss' Birthday

Just a reminder----On Wednesday, March 2nd, the K-1 Classroom will be celebrating Dr. Seuss' birthday.  On that day the K-1 students may wear a "Cat in the Hat" costume with face paint.  Dressing-up in the "Cat in the Hat" costume is not manatory, it is only if your child would like to to that as a fun activity to celebrate Dr. Seuss' birthday.  The students will be making their own "Cat in the Hat" bowtie and hat, to be worn with their costume.  Many fun activitives will be done that day, including the reading of many Dr. Seuss books.  The "Cat in the Hat" cartoon may also be watched. 



The students will continue their study of letter "Cc" words.  Some "Cc" words will be:  cat, can, cup, cut, cap, cab, cost, cross, class, clap, clam, cuff, craft, crisp, and scab.  The students will be bringing home a phonics word list to be read.  Then the letter "Ee" words will be studied.  Some "Ee" words will be:  net, bell, leg, tell, spell, rest, step, nest, and mess.

The students will be reading many words containing the letters "Cc" and the letter "Ee".


The students will continue their study of money.  Counting by one's, five's, ten's, and two's, will be studied.  Additon worksheets will continue to be done.


The students will start Chapter 22.  In Chapter 22, the students will learn that "We Belong to the Church".  We are all children of God, and the church is all over the world.  We become members of the church at baptism.  The students will also be doing workbook pages in their "Growing in Love" religion book.  In this book the students will learn that we show love for others by helping others, and by being kind, like Jesus taught us to be.

First Grade
The students will continue their study of the word family "ain".  Then the word family "ail" will be studied.  Many "ain" and "ail" words will be read, and many worksheets will be done.  Then the students will learn that "y" is a vowel at the end of a word, and then "y" can make the long "e" sound.  The students will also study the "oy" sound as in boy, and the "oi" sound as in oil.

The students will begin the story, "At Home Around the World", pp. 66-90.Through this story , the students will be introduced to many words that end in the vowel "y", where the "y" makes the long "e" sound.

The students will be in Unit 26, "Mixed Vowel Review".  This week's spelling words are.  mad, made, hop, hope, pin, pine, bit, bite, hid, hide, plan, plane, girl, boy, and house.  This week's spelling test will be on Friday, March 4th.

The students will be reviewing verbs--action words, adding  "ed" to a verb to talk about the past.  Nouns , contractions, sentences parts--naming and action parts--will also be reviewed.  Then a unit will be started on adjectivies.  The students will be writing their own stories--using the correct sentence rules.

The students will continue their study of money.  The counting of mixed coins will be done.  Then the students will study about the one dollar.  Addition and subtraction worksheets will continued to be done.  Rocket  Math will also be continued.

In Chapter 22, the students will learn that "Jesus Gives Us the Eucharist".  The students will learn that the Eucharist is the sacrament of the Body and Blood of Jesus Christ.  The word Eucharist means to give thanks.
Mass is another name for the celebration of the Eucharist. Jesus is with us at Mass in a special way.

Everyone will be studing about a forest, a desert, and the ocean.  Then a unit on the earth will be started. 
The "Time For Kids" magazine will be read, in which the students will learn about the importance of a "ramp".

Social Studies

Everyone will be studying about black Americans--when the students read their "Time For Kids" magazine.  The students will also be studying about Dr. Seuess, the author of the "Cat in the Hat".

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