Sunday, February 20, 2011

What's Happening the Week of February 21st through February 25th

Note of Thanks

I want to thank all the room mothers who made our K-1 Classroom Valentine's Party such a wonderful event.  Thank you for sending all the nice Valentine's Day goodies .  A special thanks to Lynn Kempker and Missy Evers who helped at our Valentine's Party.  The students had fun games to play and a cute Valentine's craft to make.  A  good time was had by all! 
I want to thank everyone for the nice cards, candy and flowers. All were appreciated!

Our K-1 Classroom Valentine's Day Crafts

The students decorated a pink or red sack with foam shaped hearts; made a Valentine's Day hat, and a Valentine's Day card; did a find-and search worksheet where the students had to search for hidden hearts, and colored some heart shapes.


The students will continue studying words that contain the letter "Zz".  A phonics word list will be sent home, to be read.  Then the students will be their study of letter "Cc".  Some "Cc" words will be:  cat, can, cup, cut, cap, cab, cost, class, clap, clam, cfaft, criap, and cuff.


The students will be reading Phonics word lists and Phonics booklets.

The students will continue their unit on "money".  The students will learn the value of the dime and quarter.  The students learn that a coin has a "head" and a "tail" side.  On the "head" side, the students learned that a past president is honored, by placing the president's head profile on the coin. The students will have the opportunity to count real coins , by doing many hands-on worksheets.  The students will continue working on addition problems.

The students will be writing the letters "Zz" and "Cc", and some "Zz" and "Cc" words.

In Chapter 19, the students will learn that Jesus wants us to love one another, by what we say and do.  We show we love one another by being kind to others, sharing what we have, playing fair, and helping others.

First Grade

The students will study the digraph "ey" as in "key".  Then the students will study the digraphs--"ai" as in "train", and "ay as in "hay". 
The students will be reading the story, "Me on the Map", pp. 36-58. A reading booklet called, "Baseball", will also be read.  Workbook pages will be done that contain many words that follow the- long "a", consonant  "e" rule.

The students will have Unit 24 Review Words spelling test , on Monday, February 21st.  Then Unit 25--Long Vowel Review--will be started.  The spelling words in Unit 25 are:  same, line, stone, smile, note, side, wake, woke, wide, wave, beside, space, love, any, and many.The spelling test for Unit 25 will be on Friday, February 25th.

The students will be learning when to use the verbs "was" and "were" in a sentence.  Words that look the same but have different meanings, will be studied.  The students will also be wrting their own stories, remembering to use the correct sentence rules.

The students will continue their study on "money".  The students will be counting mixed money.  The students will be using real coins to count, in order to do hands-on money worksheet problems.  Addition and subtraction problem worksheets will be done.  "Rocket Math" will also be done.

Handwriting workbook pages will be done.

In Chapter 19, the students will learn that "We Celebrate God's Forgiveness" through the sacrament of "Reconciliation".  Through the Sacrament of Reconciliation, we make up with someone and come back together again.  God is always ready to fogive us if we are sorry.

ScienceEveryone will be studying about "How Animals Need Plants", "How Animals Help Plants" and "How People Need Plants and Animals".

Social Studies
Everyone will be studying about our country's first president, George Washington.  The students will learn that George Washington is on the quarter and the one dollar bill. The students will also learn that George Washinton is the "Father of  Our Country", and was the leader of the army in a war for our freedom.

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