Sunday, February 13, 2011

What's Happening the week of February 14th through February 18th


Phonics--The students will be learning many words that contain the letter "Zz".  Some of the "Zz" words will be:  zip, zig, zap, fizz, fuzz, and buzz.  The students will listen to a story that contains many "Zz" words and the students will raise their hand upon hearing a "Zz" word. Many "Zz" worksheets will be done.

Reading--The students will be reading a word list and a booklet.  The booklet is called, "Zip".Some reading worksheets will also be done by the students.

Math--The students will continue their study of money.  Coin values will be studied--a penny=one cent, a nickel=five cents or five pennies, a dime=ten cents or ten pennies, and a quarter=twenty-five cents.  The students will be learning how to count mixed coins.  Real coins will be used as hands-on problems will be done.  The students will also continue to work on addition problems.

Handwriting--The students will writing the letter "Zz" and "Zz: words.

ReligionThe students will contiue their study of Chapter 18, Jesus Teaches and Helps Us.  In this chapter, the students will learn that Jesus is a kind and caring person.  Jesus helped many people.  Jesus wants us to be kind and caring, too.  The students will hear the story--"Loaves and Fish"-in which Jesus blessed the five loaves of bread and two fish, that one boy had brought for lunch.  Jesus turned the five loaves of bread and two fish into enough food to feed five thousand people.  Each student will be given five oyster soup crackers and two fish crackers to represent the five loaves of bread and the two fish.  Then the students will begin Chapter 19, Jesus Wants Us to Love.  In this chapter, the students will learn that Jesus wants us to love one another. We show others that we love love them by the thing we say and do.

First Grade

Phonics--The students will study the digraph "ea" as in the word bean' and the digraph "ey" as in the word key.

Reading--The students will be reading the story "A Bed Full of Cats". The students will be doing many worksheets from their reading workbook containing words with the long "e" vowel sound, such as "me", "bean" and "feet".

Spelling--The students will continue the study of Unit 23 spelling words.  The words in Unit 23 contain the long "e" vowel sound.  Unit 23 spelling words are:  he, see, she, tree, me, feet, we, be, green, peek, three, street, good, back, and  into.  Unit 23 Spelling Test will be on Wednesday, February 16th, as this unit was started and studied a few days last week.  Then, Unit 24, will be started.  Unit 24, is a review of the spelling words from units 19-23.  The spelling words from Unit 24 are: me, with, kite, which, go, came, joke, drive, she, game, shape, and we.  The spelling test for Unit 24 words will be on Friday, February 18th.

English--The students will be learning about verbs that end with "ed"--to tell about the past.  The students will also learn when to use "is" and "are", "was" and "were".  The students will also be studying about words that look the same, but have a differernt meaning.  The students will also be writing their own stories---using a capital letter at the beginning of each sentence, and an end mark at the end of each sentence.

Math--The students will begin a unit on "money".The students will learn the coin values; how to count mixed coins; counting by fives--to count nickels and counting by tens--to count dimes; and counting on from a certain coin.  Addition and subtraction worksheets will be done.  The students will also continue their work on "Rocket Math".

Religion--Chapter 18, will be continued.  In Chapter 18, the students learn that Christ is the "Light of the World".  We show others the light of Christ when we help others, share what we have, and care about others feelings.We should make loving choices as members of God's creation.  Then, Chapter 19, We Celebrate God's Forgiveness.will be started..  God is always ready to forgive us.

Social Studies

This week in Social Studies, everyone will be studying about Abraham Lincoln.  The students will learn that Abraham Lincoln was our 16th president; on the penny and five dollar bill; was the president during the Civil War; loved to read; was called "Honest Abe"; was born in a log cabin; and started life from a poor beginning and became an important person in the history of our country.


Everyone will be studying about insects.  The students will learn that an insect has three body parts, six legs, and wings.  The students will also be learning how different animals grow.  The students will be studying the life cycle of a butterfly and the life cycle of a frog.

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