Sunday, January 16, 2011

What's Happening the week of January 17th to January 21st


Phonics--The students will continue their study of  words that contain the letter "Kk".  Some "Kk" words are:  ask mask milk, kiss, kit and skip. Then the next letter of study will be the letter "Bb".  Some "Bb" words will be:  bib, bat, bag, ban, bass, and bat. A phonics word list will be sent home to be studied.
Reading--The students have been studying the short vowel sound of "Aa" and "Ii".  Some workbook reading pages were done , to along with the vowel, the students were studying.  A reading booklet , which contained many vowel of study words, was read by the students.
Math--The students will continue working with addition problems and using a number-line or ten-frames, to figure out their additon problems.
Handwriting--The boys and girls will be writing words that contain the letters "Kk" and "Bb".
ReligionThe boys and girls will continue to learn that God gave us Jesus.  Jesus was once a baby, as we used to be; and that Jesus had feelings, as we do.

First Grade

Phonics--The students will continue studying the sounds of "er", "ir", and "ur".  Then the students will be studying the final syllables of fle, dle, ple, tle, gle, and ble.  Sight words will be studied---could, would and should. Several worksheets will be done that contain these sight words. Then the sounds of "ow" as in down,and the sound of "ou" as in mouse.  Next, the sounds of "ay" as in hay, and "ai" as in train will be studied.
Reading--The students will start the story, "Friends Forever", pp. 112-135.  A reading booklet called, "A Jumping Pet", will be read.
Math--The students will be working with tens and ones, addition of two-digit numbers , and continued work on "Rocket Math" worksheets.  Math Addition facts will be sent home as a nightly homework assignment.
English--The students will contiue their study of verbs.
Spelling--Last week's snow days through us of course for our spelling unit.  The students will be in Spelling Unit 21--"Long I" words.  Our Spelling words this week are:  time, like, kite, bike, white, five, drive, nine, hike, ride, write, invite, could, would, and two.  The Spelling test should be on January 21st, if the weather cooperates.
Writing--The students will be writing winter stories about a snowman and mittens.  The students need to remember the sentences rules, when writing their stories.  A sentence starts with a capital letter, makes sense, and ends with an end mark.
Religion--In Chapter 17, the students will learn the symbols of "Baptism"--water, a candle, and a white garment.
Social Studies--Everyone will be studying about Martin Luther King, Jr.
Science--Everyone will be studing about "Plants".  

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