Sunday, January 9, 2011

What's Happening the week of January 10th to January 14th, 2011


Phonics--The students will continue their study of letter "Kk" words--keyword is kite. Some "Kk" projects will be to make a kangaroo paper bag puppet and then hear a story that contains a lot of "Kk" words.  When each "Kk" word is read, the students are to raise their kangaroo paper bag puppet into the air.  The next letter of study will be the letter "Bb"--keyword-balloon.  The students will be reading and writing many "Kk" and "Bb" words.

Math--The students will continue working with additon problems---vertical addition problems.  The students will also be learning how to jump on a number line when doing addition problems  A number line has been taped on each student's desk, and each student moves a plastic frog to the numbers when adding on the number line. The students will also be using ten-frames for their additon problems.

Handwriting--The students will be printing the letter "Kk" and some "Kk" words, and the letter "Bb" and some "Bb" words.

Religion--Chapter 16, God the Father Gives Us Jesus--will be studied.  In this chapter, the students will learn that God gave Jesus, His only son to us, as a gift. Jesus was a baby, just as we were, and Jesus had feelings, just as we do. 

First Grade

Phonics--The students will be reviewing the combinations "er"--as in butter, "ir"--as in shirt, and "ur"--as in purse.  Then the final syllables --ble, ple, dle, tle, gle, cle, kle, sle, and zle--will be studied.

Reading--The students will read the story, "Friends Forever" pp. 112-135.  Through the reading workbook pages, the students will be introduced to the final syallables of-- dle, gle, ple, and kle. The students will also be reading a booklet called, "A Jumping Pet".

English--The students will be studying verbs.  The students will learn that a verb is a action word.The students wiil also learn that you add an "s" to a verb when it tells about a noun that names one.  Add "s"  to a verb when it tells about a pronoun that  names one.  Add "ed" to some verbs to tell about the past.

Spelling--The students will be taking Unit 20's spelling test on Monday, January 19th.  Then Unit 21 will be started.  Unit 21 contains words with a long "i" sound.  Unit 21 spelling words are:  time, like, kite, bike, white, five, drive, nine, hike, ride, write, invite, could, would,  and two.  The spelling test will be on Friday, January 17th.

Math--The students will continue to work with numbers 11-100, learning about the tens and the ones place. Additon problems will continued to be studied along with the additon flash cards facts of 1's through 9's. Rocket Math will also contiue to be done.

Religion--The students will continue the study of the seven sacraments.  Then Chapter 17 will be started--The Church Welcomes New Members.  The students will learn that the church welcomes new members at Baptism.  At Baptism we receive God's life. The students will learn the symbols of Baptism-- water, a candle, and a white garment. 

Science--Everyone will be studing about "Living and Non-living Things".  The students will learn that living things like people, animals, and plants--need food, water, and air.Non-living things do not need food, water, and air.

Social Studies--Everyone will learn about Martin Luther King, Jr.  The students will learn that Martin Luther King that he had a dream to change unfair laws, and that people should not be kept apart, and that everyone should be treated fairly.

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