Friday, December 31, 2010

What's Happening the Week of January 4th-January 7th


Phonics--the students will continue their study of words containing the letter "Rr".  Then the next letter of study will be words containing the letter "Kk".
Math--the students will continue working with addition or joining problems.  The students will learn that with addition problems the pattern is---part plus part equals whole.  The students will be using counting cubes when doing several addition problems.  A "Mickey Mouse Mat" , foam shapes, marker, and an addition worksheet will be sent home as a homework assignment. Please help your child use the foam shapes and do the addition problems together.  Please have your child read the addition sentence after they have completed each addition problem. Thank you!
Handwriting--the letter of the week--"Rr" and "Kk".
Religion---continue work on Chapter 15--God Asks Mary to be the Mother of His Son, Jesus and Mary says "Yes".  Then start Chapter 16--God gave us Jesus--God's only son- as a gift.

First Grade

Phonics--learning about the digraph "Sh"--keyword-shark.  Also, learning about the digraphs--"OO"--as in hook, and "OO"--as in tooth.
Reading--starting the story, "On the Way to the Pond", pp. 88-102.  Through this story the students will be introduced to many worksheet containing the "ir" sound as in bird, and the "ur" sound as in fur.  A reading booklet will also be read-called-"Let's Play".  The Words to Remember from the reading story will be in the booklet--"Let's Play".
English--the students will be learning about verbs.  The students will learn that a verb is an action word.
Spelling--Unit 20--Words with the "Long A" sound.  The Spelling words are:came, make, brave, bake, take, name, late, gave, shape, game, parade, erase, out, about, and over.  The Spelling test will be on Friday, January 7th.
Math--the students will continue doing addition problems and Rocket Math problems.  A unit on "Tens and Ones" will be started. The students will be making groups of tens with extra ones left over--with the use of counting cubes. Then the students will learn how to count these number of ojects.  Counting by tens will also be studied.
Religion--Chapter 16--We celebrate the Sacraments.  In the chapter, the students will learn about the seven sacraments that Jesus gave to us, as a sign of God's love.

Social Studies--All the students will read "Time For Kids: magazine to learn about winter animals.  Then, the students will be making some winter art projects--such as, penguins, snow scenes, etc.

Science--All the students will start a Chapter about "Living and Nonliving Things".  The students will be learning that living things have "Five Senses"--to use for life.

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