Sunday, December 12, 2010

What's Happening the week of December13th-December 17th, 2010


Phonics--learning that the letter"Rr" is a consonant and the keyword is rabbit.  Some "Rr" words are:  rip, ram, rag, rot, rat, rap, ran, raft, trim, trap, trip, grass, and gram.             

Reading--continue to read color words, phonics word lists, and phonics booklets

Handwriting--writing the letter of the week--"Rr" and first and last name neatly

Math--continue learning about fractions--one fourth.  Then the students will start a unit about joining or addition.

Religion--Chapter 15--God chooses Mary. The students will learn that an angel sent from God, asked if Mary would be the mother of God's Son.  Mary said "Yes".  Mary is our mother, too.

First Grade

Phonics--the students will study contractions, the diagraph "oo"--which has the sound as in hook, or the sound as in tooth.

English--Review nouns--a noun is a person, place animal, or thing.  Review--naming yourself last, pronouns-he, she, it, they;sentence rules--start with a capital letter, makes sense, and end with an end mark.

Spelling--This week's spelling words contain "th" and "wh" words.  The spelling words are:  that, with, which, path, when, this, them, bath, whip, then,think, wheel,where, what, and who.  The spelling test will be on Friday, December 17th.

Reading--The students will read the story, "Tomas Rivera", pp. 62-81.  In this story, the students will be introduced to "wh" and "qu" words.

Math--continue working with fractions--one fourth, and a fraction can be part of a set of objects.  Then the students will start a unit on tens and ones.

Religion--Chapter 15--We belong to a parish.  The students will learn that they belong to a group of people called a parish.  A parish is a group of people who worship together to celebrate God's love.  A parish , also,
helps one another, cares for those who are sick, gathers food and clothes for the poor, and works together for the greater good of others.

Social Studies--All of the K-1 class will be reading their magazine"Time For Kids.

Christmas Projects--a Christmas stocking, Christmas stickers, the "Star of Bethlehem" ornament, and a parents'gift.                 

Please send in the" Christmas Party Gift", if you have not done so as of yet.  Our classroom Christmas party will be on Tuesday, December 21st.  Thank you.                           

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