Sunday, December 5, 2010

What's Happening the Week of December 6th to December 10th


Phonics--the letter "Ff" and learning some "Ff" words
Reading--a booklet called "Frog Runs" , and color words
Math--learning about equal parts, exploring symmetry, learning about halves and fourths         
Handwriting--the letter of the week and first and last name
Religion--Chapter 14--Christmas--learning that we celebrate the birth of Jesus all year, and that people all over the world celebrate the birth of Jesus.  
All the Kindergarteners are doing a very nice job when reading  the Phonics words and  Phonics booklets.

First Grade

Phonics--continue reading booklets containing words with a vowel and "sneaky e" words; studying contractions, and the digragh "sh"
Reading--starting the story "Did You See Chip?" pp. 36-54.  Through this story the students will be introduced the "ar" sound as in the word "arm".  The students will be reading a booklet called "Carmen Sells Stars"  Then the students will start the next story called "Tomas Rivera"
English--learning that different words can mean the same thing or almost the same thing This will help the students realize that they can use different words in writing, instead of the same word over and over again;
then the students will review what a noun is--people, animals, things, or places;review of pronouns--take the place of a noun; question sentences--end with a question mark and ask something; and naming yourself last and using the word "I" to talk about yourself
Spelling-Unit 18--Review words from Units--13-17---The spelling words this week will be:stop, much, must, clap, shop, tell, slip, will, trip, flap, drum,best. The spelling test will be on Friday, December 10th.
Math--studying about one-third, one-fourth; learning that a fraction can be part of a set; then starting a unit on ones and tens.
Religion--Chapter 14--Christmas--learning that Christmas is the season in which we celebrate God's greatest gift to us, His Son, Jesus.

Everyone will continue to practice our Classromm Christmas songs that we will sing at the school Christmas Musical on Sunday, December 12th.

Many Christmas projects will be done between now and Christmas vacation--including a parents Christmas gift, but that is a secret.  Some of the Christmas projects will be making stocking, ornaments, and many Christmas sticker scenes.  The students will also be making "Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer's antlers.

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