Sunday, November 28, 2010

Subjects for the week of November 29th to December 3rd

Phonics--The letter "Ss"--keyword-sun.  Then the letter "Ff"--keyword--fish.  Along with
each letter of study will be words containing that letter.  Phonics booklets will also be read.
Math--the terms fewer, fewest, and most will be studied.  Then the students will learn how to equalize sets of objects--by crossing some ojects out, or by drawing additional ojects that are needed.
Religion--Chapter 13--Advent.  The students will learn that God chose Mary to be the mother of His son, Jesus.  Advent is a time of waiting for the birth of Jesus, the light of the world. Mary and Joseph prepared for the birth of Jesus, and we should also be preparing for the birth of Jesus.  The students will learn about the Advent wreath.
Handwriting--the letter "Ss" and first and last name.

First Grade
 Phonics--the students will be learning about "sneaky e". "sneaky e" is a vowel that does his job quietly--it sneaks up a vowel and makes that vowel say it's name--the long vowel sound.
Reading--The students are in the third First Grade reader.  The story that will be read is, "I Am a Butterfly"' pp.8-27.  Then the story, "Did You See Chip?", pp. 36-54, will be read.
English--special nouns that name animals and things begin with a capital letter: namimg yourself last and start the word "I" with a capital letter; pronouns--take the place of a noun, and words that mean the same
Math--Equal parts, one half, one third, one fourth, and part of a set
Spelling--Unit 17--"sh" and "ch" words--The spelling words for this week are:  ship, chin, much, chop, wish, shop, shoe, how, now, our.  The spelling test will be on Friday, December 3rd.
Religion--Chapter 13--Advent.  The church is in a special time of waiting.  We prepare or get ready for the coming of God's son, Jesus. 

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