Sunday, November 21, 2010

November 22nd to November 24th Schedule of Subjects


Phonics--Continue working on "Ii" words.  A word list will be sent home.  Then start letter "Ss" words.
Handwriting--first and last name, the letters "Ii" and "Ss"
Math--learn about the terms --as many as, more, and fewer                           
Religion--learning that we can learn about God from our friends

First Grade

Phonics--reviewing dividing words into parts, and learning about the rules of "a--consonant-e" words, and "o--consonant--e" words, and "u--consonant--e" words.
English--Learning about special nouns--special nouns name special people, special animals and things.   Special nouns begin with a capital letter.
Spelling--No spelling test this short week of school, reviewing vowels and consonants and their sounds.
Reading--Finish worksheets from the story "Fun Wth Fish".  Then the students will be starting the third reader in the First Grade Reading Series.
Math--learning time to the half-hour.  Also, learning about time patterns and elasped time.
Social Studies--Everyone will contine the study on Pilgrims and te First Thanksgiving.

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