Sunday, November 14, 2010

November 15, 2010


 The boys and girls will be studying the letter--"Ii".The students will learn the keyword for "Ii" is--inch.  The student will learn that the letter "Ii" is a vowel.  Some "Ii" words will be:  pig, pin, lip, tip, till, tin, in, ill, it, him, hip, lit, pit, and hit.

The boys and girls will continue reading color words.  A Phonics booklet will be sent home to be read--"Stan's Pigs"

The students will be learning to identify and write the numbers "19" and  "20".  Ten-frames will be used to count 19 and 20 blocks.  Ordinals--First to Fifth will also be studied.  Then, telling time to the hour will be learned.  Each student will be able to use a small practice clock with movable hands.

The letter of the week--"Ii"- will be printed.

The students will begin Chapter 12--We Learn About God With Our Friends.  All the activities that we enjoy with our friends are ways of learning more about ourslves and discovering tings about God's world.

First Grade

The students will learn how to divide words into parts by using the vowel consonant/consonant vowel rule.  The students will also code and read words with the letters "Uu" and "Vv" in them.

The students will begin reading the story "Fun With Fish",pp.134-153.  Workbook pages will be done.  The students will study the "sh" sound and read many "sh" words.A reading booklet will be sent home to be read, "At the Fish Shop".  The small reading booklets contain the "Words to Remember" from each of the reading book stories.

The students will continue to study --nouns.  The students wll learn that some nouns name special animals, and things--and that these special nouns begin with a capital letter.


The students will begin Unit 16 in their Spelling Workbook.  In Unit 16, the students will study words that end with double final consonants,  Unit 16 Spelling words are:  will, egg, grass, teii, miss, well, guess, look, little, and very.
This week's Spelling Test will be on Thursday, November 18th.  The studentd do not have school on Friday, November 19th, due to the teacher's Religious Ed. Institute in Columbia.

The students will continue working with addition problems.  Some addition problems will be adding three addends.  Then the students will be studying telling time to the hour and the half hour.

The students will be starting Chaptet 12--in their Religion workbook.  In Chapter 12, the students will learn that the church serves others--by sharing with others, helping others, caring for the sick.  Jesus taught His followers these many ways that the church can serve, andtoday the church follows Jesus' ways .

Social Studies
Everyone will continue learning about the Pilgrims , the Mayflower, and the First Thanksgiving.  The Time For Kids newspaper will also be read.

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