Saturday, February 11, 2017

What's Happening This Week----February 13th Through February 17th

The Kindergarten Classroom Valentine's Day Party will on Valentine's Day, Tuesday, February 14th at 1:30 p.m.  The students are welcomed to make their own box at home and bring it in, if so desired, but they do not have to make a box.  We will be making a Valentine's Day bag in our classroom. 

Just a Reminder:

The Six Flags reading Logs are due back to the classroom by Friday, February 17th.  Thanks!

The Kindergarten students have been working very hard to be great "Bee Kind" Club Members.  The students have been very hard workers; kind to others; sharing and caring for others; bee-ing helpful; talking nice to others and playing with others at recess and including others in their fun.  I am very proud of their "Bee-Kind" Bee-havior.  They are acting and doing what Jesus wants us to do.  All these Bee-haviors are important life lessons that Jesus wants us to possess.

Kindergarten Phonics----The students will continue to learn about the sound that the letter "Uu" makes----keyword----umbrella.  The students know that the letter "Uu" is a vowel letter.  Then, the students will learn tne sound that the letter "Zz" makes----keyword----zebra.  The students will learn that the letter "Zz" is a consonant letter.

Kindergarten Reading----The Kindergarten students will be reading phonics word lists and the phonics booklet----"Zip".

Kindergarten Handwriting----The Kindergarten students will be printing the letters "Uu" and "Zz".  The students will also be printing phonics words and their first and last name.  A Valentine note will also be printed.

Kindergarten Math----The Kindergarten students will continue learning about "Addition".

Kindergarten Religion----In Chapter 25, the Kindergarten students will learn that "We Should Care About Others as Jesus Did".

Kindergarten Science----The Kindergarten students will continue their study of "Matter".

Kindergarten Social Studies----The Kindergarten students will learn about our country's President's----Abraham Lincoln and George Washington.

Kindergarten Crafts----The Kindergarten crafts will center around the "President's----Abraham Lincoln and George Washington and Valentine's Day.

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