Thursday, December 31, 2015

What's Happening the Week of January 4th Through January 8th

I hope that everyone had a Blessed Christmas and a Happy New Year. I want to thank everyone for all the wonderful Christmas cards and gifts  A special thanks to everyone for the great Kindergarten Classroom Christmas Party.  The Kindergarten students had a wonderful time.


Phonics----The students will learn the sound that the letter "Rr" makes"----keyword-----rabbit. 
Reading----The students will be reading the phonics booklet-----"Stan's Pigs".  The following "Rr" words will be read:  rip, ram, rag, rat, rot, rap,  ran, trip, trim, trap, raft, ramp, grass and gram. 
Handwriting----The students will be printing the letter "Rr", phonics words and phonics sentences. The students will also be printing their first and last name.
Math----The students will be learning about "Pictographs and Bar Graphs".  "Equal Parts and Exploring Symmetry" will also be studied.  The "Numbers 1---15" will be studied.  The students will be doing dot-to-dot worksheets from 1 - 15 and writing numbers 1-15.
Religion----In Chapter 16, the students will learn that "God the Father Gives Us Jesus".
Science----The students will be reviewing the "Night Sky'.  Then, the students will learn about "Earth's Resources----Rocks".
Social Studies----The students will learn about the Earth's "Land and Water".
Crafts----The crafts this week will center around the winter season and Science---the "Night Sky".

First Grade

Phonics.----The students will be reviewing the "i-e", "o-e", "e-e", "a-e" and "u-e" words.  Then, words that have the letter "Vv"in them,will be read.
Reading----The students will reread the story "On the Way to the Pond". The booklet---"Let's Play", will be read.  Then, the story "Friends Forever" will be read.  Next, the booklet----"A Jumping Frog" will be read.
English----The students will be reviewing past English terms----nouns, pronouns, contractions, is-are, was-were, sentence rules, words that end in "ed" and verbs.  Then, the students will began their study of "Adjectives".
Writing----The students will be writing their own spelling words sentences.
Spelling----This week's spelling words contain "Long "a" words".  This week's spelling words are: came, make, brave, bake, take, name, late, gave, shape  and  game.  The Challenge Words are:  parade and erase.  The Special Words are:  out, about and over.  This week's spelling test will be on January 8th.

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