Sunday, November 15, 2015

What's Happening This Week-----November 16th Through November 20th

Phonics----The students will continue their study of the sound that the letter "Mm" makes----keyword----monkey.  The students will learn that the letter "Mm" is a consonant letter.  Then, the students will begin their study of the sound that the letter "Ii" makes----keyword----inch.  The students will learn that the letter "Ii" is a vowel letter.
Reading----The students will be reading the "Mm" words----mop, ham, mat, man, map and mom.  Then, the students will be reading the "Ii" words----pin, pig, lip, tin, tip, till, in, ill, it, him, hit, hip, lit and pit.  The new sight words, to be learned, will be----to and I.  Color words will continue to be read
Handwriting----The students will be printing the letters "Mm" and "Ii".  The students will be printing their first name and phonics words.
Math----The students will be reviewing the terms----"on, inside, in front of, between, under, right, left and over".  Then, the students will be counting and coloring objects 1 - 10; learning about the number line; and number patterns.  Then, "Ordinal Number : First to Tenth" will be studied.
Religion----In Chapter 11, the students will learn that "God Helps Us to Care For Our Families".  Then, in Chapter 12, the students will earn that "We Lrn About God With Our Friends".
Science----The students will learn that "Plants Grow and Change" and about "Homes For Living Things".
Social Studies----The students will learn about "Native Americans", "The Pilgrims", "The First Thanksgiving" and "Our World".
Crafts----This week's crafts will center around the Thanksgiving theme.  The students will be making Indian necklaces and Indian headbands, a Pilgrim paper plate boy and a Pilgrim paper plate girl, a turkey hat, and much more.
Story Time---Thanksgiving books will be read.

First Grade
Phonics----The students will learn about----"ng' and "ing"; "Reviewing---"Mm", "Ee", "ck", "sc", "bl", "br", "spl", and "str"; "vowel consonant / consonant vowel" rule; "Uu"----long and short vowel sound; and "Ww".
Reading----The students will continue reading the story "Fun With Fish".  Then, the booklet "At the Fish Shop" will be read.  The students will be getting the third reader in the First Grade reading series----Here and There. The first story in this reader will be read-----"I Am a Butterfly".
Writing----The students will be writing their own story about a butterfly.
English----The students will be reviewing----"sentences, telling and question sentences, end marks, nouns and pronouns, more than one add a "s" to the noun and special nouns".
Spelling----In Unit 16, the students will be learning words that have "double consonants".  This week's spelling words are:  will, egg, grass, tell, miss and well.  The challenge word is:  guess.  The special words are:  look, little and very.  This week's spelling test is on Friday, November 20th.

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