Monday, February 18, 2013

What's Happening the Week of February 19th Through February 22nd

A special thanks to all the room mothers who helped to make our Valentine's Day Classroom Party such a nice time for all the K-1 students.


Phonics----The students will continue their study of the sound of the letter "Yy" and "Yy" words.  Then, the students will study the sound of the letter "Dd"----keyword----dog.  The students will be reading many "Dd" words.

Reading----The students will be reading word lists containing "Yy" words and "Dd" words.  Some "Dd" words that the students will be reading are:  dog, did, doll, disk, sad, desk, drum, had, slid, hid, mud, red, rid, stand, and, sand, and said.  The students will also be reading the phonics booklet "Ben Is Ten".

Handwriting----The students will be printing the letters "Yy" and "Dd".  Several pages in the students "Handwriting Workbook" will also be printed.

Math----The students will continue their study of "Time to the Hour".  Then, the students will study "Time--Day or Night" and the "Calendar".

Religion----In Chapter 22, the students will learn that "We Belong to the Church".  At baptism we become members of the church.

First Grade

Phonics----The students will contiue studying the sound of "y"----makes the long "e" sound, as in the word candy.  The "ar" sound as in car, and the "qu" sound as in quilt, will also be studied.

Reading----The students will continue reading the story "At Home Around the World".  The booklet----"Eating Yummy Cake" will be read.  Then, the story "Tell Me a Story" will be read.

English----The students will be reviewing nouns with "er" and "east", pronouns, and writing a correct sentences.

Spelling----The students will be taking a spelling test over Unit 24.  Then, Unit 25 will be started---containing "Long Vowel words".  This week's spelling words are::same, line, stone, smile, note, side, wake, woke, wide, wave, beside, space, love, any, and many.   This Unit 25's spelling test will be on Monday, February 25th.

Handwriting----The students will be printing pages in their "Handwriting Workbook".

Writing----The students will be writing their own spelling word sentences.  The students will also be writing their own story.

Math----The students will be learning how to tell time to the "half hour".  Then, "time patterns and elapsed   time" will be studied.

Religion----In Chapter 22, the students will be learning that "Jesus Gives Us the Eucharist".

Science----Everyone will learn about the "Food Chain".  Then, a unit on "Our Earth" will be started.

Social Studies----Everyone will be reviewing facts about "Abraham Lincoln".  Then, facts about "George Washinton" will be studied.

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