Sunday, August 19, 2012

What's Happening the Week of August 20th Through August 24th

This school year is off to a flying start!  Everyone is working so very hard on all of their worksheets and workbook papers.

Our classroom's first "Star Student" will be Aly. " Aly's" reign will last for the next two weeks.

Everyone has been listening to two stories about "Wiggles" the dog.  "Wiggles" learned how to follow the rules at school. Then,  "Wiggles"  learned  how to pay attention at school.  The students colored, cut, and glued  their own  "Wiggles"  the dog.  The students have learned a song that goes along with "Wiggles" problems about following the rules at school and paying attention to the teacher.  The song that the boys and girls have learned is called, "I Can Follow the Rules".


Phonics----In Phonics, the students will be learning the sound of the letter "Ll".  The keyword---to help the students to remember the letter "Ll" sound is--lion.  The Kindergarten students will be doing many "Ll" worksheets, to help them remember the "Ll" sound.
During each Phonics unit, worksheets will be done that contain color words, that have to be read by each student.  One of the skills learned in Kindergarten is the reading of color words.

Math----The Kindergarteners are learning how to write numbers.  For each number, a poem is said to help each child remember how to write that number.  For example----number "1's" poem is---One long stick, one is fun!  Number "2's" poem is----Around and back on the railroad track, the train goes---two, two, two.
Also, in Math, the Kindergarten students will be learning about the terms same--as in the same color or the same shape; alike and different.  All of these terms are used when sorting items into groups.

The Kindergarten students have been learning about the "circle" shape.  You guessed it---there are poems that are used when each new shape is introduced---to help the student to remember the shape.  "Circle's" Poem is----I'm a circle shape, I look like a ball, I go round, and round, and round.  I'm a circle shape , I look like a wheel---My name is Circle Bill!!

The Kindergarteners are learning how to spell and recognize their color words, by being cheerlearders.  Each student has a turn to be a cheerleader for a color word.  They go to the color word chart and point to each letter and say that color word cheer.  All the students echo the color word back.  For example,  for the color word red the cheer would go-----Give me a "R", give me  a "E", give me a "D".  What does that spell?---"RED"  What does that spell?---"RED"  Then we all cheer.  This is a means of learning how to read the color words and also helps the students with their letter recognition. 

For the color "red" and the shape of the "circle", the students will be making Clifford---The Big Red Dog. 

During storytime, the students have been listening to----Clifford----The Big Red Dog.

Also, in Math, the students have been learning about left and right.  This has been taught by placing a green sticker on each child's right hand and a red sticker, on each child's left hand. 


The Kindergarten students have been learning that all letters and numbers start on the top and go down to the line.  Each student is also being taught the correct sitting position when writing, and the correct way to hold a pencil.  The student's have been practicing their name and letters from each Phonics unit.


The Kindergarten students have been learning that God made all things.

Next, the Kindergarten students will be studying the letter "Oo"---keyword "octopus", the color blue, the number "2",  and "3", and the "rectangle" shape.

First Grade

Phonics----The First Grade students will be reviewing the sounds that the letters "Nn", "Oo", "Tt", "Pp", and "Ii" make.

Reading----The First Grade students will continue their unit of study on the story, "The Hat".  Then, the next story that will be read is "Sam and the Bag".  During Reading Time, the nightly reading assignment is re-read, and worksheets are done, which contain the story's new "Words to Remember". 

English-----The students have been learning about sentence rules----A sentence starts with a capital letter, ends with an end mark, and makes sense.  Next, the students will learn that a sentence has a naming part and an action part.

Spelling----In Unit 4, the students will be introduced to words that contain the "Short a" sound.  This week's spelling words are:  an, bad, can, had, cat, ran.  The extra words are:  the, and, a.  This week's spelling test will be on Friday, August 24th.

Writing----The First Grade students will be writing their own spelling word sentences and illstrating their sentences.  The students have to remember the sentence rules when writing their spelling word sentences---A sentence starts with a capital letter, ends with an end mark, and makes sense.  The students will also, be writing their own story, using the characters from the reading book story that has been read.

Handwriting----The First Grade students will be practicing the letter "a", "B", "c", "D", and "E".

Religion----The students have been learning that God created all things.  All the things that God has created are good.

Social Studies----Everyone will continue to learn about rules---rules help people to get along with each other.  The students will also be learning about our American Symbols----"The Flag" and "The Statue of Liberty".The students will be making the "Statue of Liberty" crown and torch---and wear these to lunch one day, being their own "Statue of Liberty".

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