Sunday, August 21, 2011

What's Happening the Week of August 22nd Through August 26th

Everyone, last week, for Social Studies, made "The Statue of Liberty" crown and torch.  Then , the students wore the crown to lunch.  Everyone was "The Statue of Liberty" for a day.  The students learned that  "The Statue of Liberty" stands for hope.  Everyone, also, had a chance to decorate beehives.  The beehive decorating went along with our classroom theme that "We All Bee-Long Together".


Last week the Kindergarteners blew bubbles at recess.  The bubbles where in the shape of a  circle--the shape the students were learning about in Math.  The Kindergarteners, also. cut out pictures from magazines ,of items that God made and put into His world for us.  The pictures were glued onto a paper entitled  "Things in God's World". 

This Week in Kindergarten:

Phonics----The students will learn about the letter "Oo"--keyword--octopus.  The students will learn that the letter "Oo" is a vowel.  The students will be doing many "Oo" worksheets; making an octopus paper bag puppet, and listening to an "Oo" story.  During the "Oo" story, whenever the students hear a word that starts with the "Oo" sound--the students should raise their octopus paper bag puppet.

Math---The boys and girls will be sorting objects by size (big or small), and by color and shape.  The students will continue their study of shapes.  The next shape to be studied is the 'square'.  The square's poem is:  Sally Square, is my name.  My four sides all look the same.  Draw up, across, down, and back.  My box shape is right on track.  Sally Square is my name.  My four sides all look the same.   The color "blue" will be studied.  The boys and girls will cheerlead the color word "blue".  Cheerleading a color word is a fun way to learn how to spell and read color words.  The students will be counting and writing the number "2". Number 2's poem is:  Around and back on the railroad track.  The train goes, two, two, two.

Handwriting----The students will continue printing their name, and practicing writing their first name on the correct line. The letter "Oo" will also be printed.  Handwriting workbook pages will also be done.

Religion---The students will learn in Chapter 2, in their "We Believe" religion book, that God gives us light.  The light in the day is the sun, and the light at night are the moon and the stars.  God gave us the gift of light because He loves us.

First Grade

Phonics---The students will be studying the letters:  "Oo"--the long vowel sound as in the word overalls; the letter "Tt" as in tent: "Pp" as in pig;  "Ii" as in igloo; and the letter "Ll" as in lion.  The students will also be learning about the "an" and the "ap" word families.

Reading---The boys and girls will be reading the story, "Sam and the Bag".  The "an" and "ap" word family words will be read, a booklet "Al and Max", and many poems and reading worksheets will be read.

English---The students will be learning about the action part of the sentence--the action part tells what the naming part does.  The students will also be learning about telling sentences and question sentences.  The students will learn that a telling sentence ends with a period and a question sentence ends with a question mark.

Spelling----In Unit 2, the students will study the short "Ii" sound.  The spelling words this week are:  in, pig, did, sit, six, big, to, of, and is.  Unit 2 spelling word test will be on Friday, August 26th.

Writing---The students will be writing their own sentences describing a "hat" that they decorated and colored.  The students will also be writing spelling word sentences.  Then, the students will color a picture of a cat ---and then write a few sentences about the cat.

Handwriting---The students will be printing in their handwriting workbook.

Social Studies----Everyone will continue the study of "American Symbols".  This week, everyone will learn about our American Flag, the Bald Eagle, and the Liberty Bell.

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