Sunday, January 30, 2011

What's Happening the Week of February 7th through February 11th

100th Day of School
On  Friday, January 28th we celebrated the 100th day of school.  Everyone enjoyed making a 100th day hat, 100th day pennent, 100th day sticker bear, 100th day placemat with many questions, counting to one hundred--by ones, tens, and fives; doing different exercises in groups of ten to equal one hundred exercises; taking one hundred steps to get to the gym for recess, singing a 100th day song, and reading two books about the 100th day at school.To top the 100th day of school off--the students guessed if they could finish a popsicile in 100 licks--the answer is NO!


Phonics--The students will be studying the letter "Uu".  Some letter"Uu" words will be:  sun, tub, up, pup, bus, run, tug, rub, rut, must, hug, and mug.  The students will be doing many "Uu" worksheets, reading and writing many "Uu" words, and reading word lists and Phonics booklets.
Reading--The students will be reading word lists and Phonics booklets.
Math--The students will begin a unit on money.  Everyone will be studying the penny, nickel, dime, and the quarter.  When the students learn about the dime, they will  also learn how to count by tens.
Handwriting-- The students will be printing the letter "Uu" and some "Uu" words.
Religion--Chapter 18, Jesus Teaches and Helps Us, will be studied.  The students will learn that Jesus went everywhere teaching and helping people.

First Grade

PhonicsThe students will be learning the digraph "oa" as in boat: the digraph "ow" as in crow: the digraph "ea" as in eat, and digraph "ey" as in key.
Reading--The student will continue reading the story "The Fox and the Stork" The students will be doing worksheets that stress the "oa" and the "ow" sound as in boat and crow.  Then, the students will get the fourth reader in the First Grade Reading series--Time Together.  The first story in the new reader will be "A Bed Full of Cats".
SpellingThe students will be taking a spelling test over Unit 21.  Then, the students will start Unit 22.  The spelling word in Unit 22 are:  go, home, rope, so, joke, bone, hole, no, stove, poke, hello, alone, done, come, and some.
English--The students will continue studying verbs.
Math--The students will start a unit on "money".
Religion--In Chapter 18, the students will learn that Jesus is the light of the world.  We receive the light of Christ when we are baptized.

Science--Everyone will be learning about "Animals".  Animals need food, water, air, and shelter. Animals are divided into different groups--mammals, birds, reptiles, amphibians, fish, and insects.

Social StudiesEveryone will be learning about groundhog facts, and doing groundhog activities on "Groundhog's Day".

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